Despite the fact that rumors of the upcoming Apple iPhone 12 have been around for a long time, they have recently worked, revealing many features that this new device will have.

From what we have learned from the rumors circulating today, these would be the main features of the iPhone 12:

  • New A14 processor with a 5nm construction.

  • Could include 802.11a and Wi-Fi.

  • 5G connectivity.

  • LiDAR scanner with rear lens.

  • New design, more similar to the iPad Pro.

  • Smaller notch.

All of these innovations are good for a completely new device, now we’re going to dive into it a bit more to find out what Cupertino’s next big iPhone will look like.

New components and internal design and a new version of Wi-Fi

It looks like the next iPhone is going to change a lot internally, components for internal distribution will be redesigned for this new device and the technologies it will include. Among these new components we are talking about a new battery which loses the characteristic L-shape to which the currents must return a more traditional rectangular shape. By considering only this movement, we can already assume that it will bring many others as a new location for the SIM tray.

On top of that, Apple’s new A14 processor will launch 5nm technology, resulting in a substantial improvement in graphics and computing power. All of this we assume that accompanied by a new generation neural motor who will take care of the iPhone AI.

We could also see how the iPhone 12 launches 802.11a Wi-Fi technology, which would improve point-to-point connection by reducing network load and delivering higher speeds. This technology is currently in the process of certification by the authorities, so if it is included in the iPhone, it would add to the Wi-Fi 6 that current devices are already fitted.

5G will arrive with the iPhone 12

Currently 5G has two versions. The one known as the sub-6 GHz is the one that most smartphones that support this type of network editing today, and despite its speed, it is still lower than its older sister. The second version, The one known as mmWave, is the one that offers higher download speeds, and it would be the one that Apple would at least consider implementing in its iPhone 12 “Pro”, leaving 5G below-6GHz for the iPhone 12. For this reason, Apple analyst Ming Chi Kuo said the entire iPhone will include 5G mmWave, but it remains to be confirmed that this will be the case.

What does the next iPhone have in store for us?

On top of all this, the new iPhone will also include a new LiDAR scanner as the iPad Pro 2020 is already being assembled. Rumors currently indicate that This feature would only be available on “Pro” devices., and that the iPhone 12 would continue with a set of two goals as it does today.


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Another feature that was announced by the media EverythingApplePro This would be an improvement between 10 and 15% of the volume of the speakers.

And the design?

It looks like this new iPhone will follow the lines of the iPad Pro, offering a straight bezel instead of the curved one we’ve seen from the iPhone 6. Plus, we’ll finally see how the notch is reduced and the edges between. screen and screen structure. Terminal. This will ultimately assume from what we currently know an increase in the screen size of the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which will reach a diagonal of 6.7 inches0.2 more than the current 11 Pro Max.

This new iPhone is also expected to debut as a kind of wireless connector, as noted in some design documents. With a shape very similar to the Apple Pencil connector for the iPad Pro, some say it could be a smart connector, others that a magnetic charging port, which would make more sense to know what it is for the iPad.


For the moment the Lightning connection is maintained, and this is only according to the latest rumors Apple says your iPhone doesn’t need a connector before integrating the already standard USB-C. It remains to be seen how long it will take Apple to integrate this technology into its devices and if it could be this year that we have seen a device without a port. In any case, a stepwise transition seems prudent on the part of Apple, including this year both the magnetic connection and the Lightning port and leaving the complete elimination of the physical connection to the next generation.

iPhone 12

Finally, it seems that this new generation will replace the current midnight green color of the iPhone 11 Pro with a new shade of navy blueand the “no Pro” range will include new colors, blue and orange.

When will all this happen?

This year in particular, that question is pending. Yes good Apple used us to introduce new generations of iPhones in September Due to the coronavirus pandemic this year, we have seen some changes, which could mean that the presentation of the new iPhone has been delayed.

So far, rumors have spoken of both delays and normality in this regard, so there is no specific information on this. Something we can take as a benchmark is that despite being online, WWDC has not been canceled, which ensures that iOS 14 will be with us in June as usual. We’ll know more as the date draws near.

Source: Techradar

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