The 7 best all-in-one apps for Android.

Downloading third-party apps is the best of Android customization. However, why download a lot of apps when few work?

App developers generally create apps for a specific purpose based on user interest. However, there are many apps that try to encompass everything related to one category to offer everything under one roof.

The 7 best all-in-one apps for Android

I personally love these apps as they are usually easier to use and don’t come with annoying bells and whistles. And best of all, I don’t need to jump between multiple apps, I just do simple tasks.

If you also want to increase your productivity, decrease clutter, and maybe also save some storage space, then I know the apps you need. Below you will find all-in-one Android apps that are not only the jack of all trades but also the masters of some.

The 7 best all-in-one apps for Android

my remote

Mi Remote Controller is installed by default on most Xiaomi Android phones, but you can download it on any Android phone. It is an all-in-one remote control app that is not limited to TV or smart box. You can control AC, fans, DVD players, cameras, projectors, and many other devices.

Setting up the controller is also very easy. Just select your device type and manufacturer, and then after a little test, it will pair. Although it won’t cover all the buttons available on a real remote, the essential functions are always there. For example, pairing with AC will surely allow you to change the temperature, swing, and modes.

The 7 best all-in-one apps for Android

It covers almost all manufacturers of the provided devices and makes it easy to find your device manufacturer using a search bar. In my experience, it also has good support for older devices. I managed to get it to work on my 2002 DVD player.

Best of all, it’s completely free and has no ads. Unlike most similar apps that at least show ads.

The 7 best all-in-one apps for Android

Note: You need an infrared-capable phone to use all of the app’s features.

universal copy

Android phones support copying text, but apps can prevent you from copying text, such as comments in the YouTube app. You also cannot copy text from images. This is where Universal Copy can take care of all your copy needs in one application. You can copy text from all apps and images as long as you can open the section where the text is written.

It has two modes; normal mode and scanner mode. In normal mode, it allows you to copy text from apps, including restricted apps. To copy text from images or text where normal mode fails, you can use scanner mode.

The 7 best all-in-one apps for Android

For scanner mode, it uses OCR technology to extract text that is difficult to read. I managed to extract a handwritten text using its scanner mode. The app lists the total number of words on the screen and allows you to select them individually. It even recognizes numbers, emails, and addresses to let you directly open an associated app to use them.

All features of the app are free, but it shows ads. You can remove ads with an in-app purchase.

Universal email app

If you have multiple email accounts with different email services, there is no need to download an app for each email service when you have the Universal Email app. This simple application allows you to use all your email accounts, no matter what email services you use in one place.

The 7 best all-in-one apps for Android

No matter if it’s Gmail, Outlook, AOL or Yahoo, you can log in to your email accounts and quickly switch between them in the app. The app only requires access to your email accounts and will sort and display all emails in its own interface.

The interface remains the same for all email services, but the folders may change depending on the email service. You can perform all the necessary tasks like viewing emails in different folders, composing new emails, replying, forwarding, deleting, etc.

Other than that, you can also download emails in PDF format, bookmark emails, add custom name, password/fingerprint protect accounts, merge address book and much more.

The app is also very light on resources and easy to use. However, this also means that it lacks the advanced features of the dedicated apps. For basic email management, it’s perfect for managing everything in one place.

The 7 best all-in-one apps for Android

Unit converter

Download Unit Converter and you will never have to search Google Search for any type of conversion again. No, really, this app offers almost every type of conversion you will ever need in your life. There are a total of 72 categories, each with dozens of units totaling more than 3,000 units.

From common units like weight, currency, velocity, and volume to rare units like heat density, viscosity, conductivity, and hemoglobin, all are available for quick conversion. It even allows you to calculate the conversion based on secondary factors like different time intervals.

The categories are further divided into sections such as fluids, engineering, electricity, light, medicine and some more. While converting, you can easily change unit positions, share or copy results, and even use a scientific calculator.

The 7 best all-in-one apps for Android

The app is ad-supported and all conversions are free. You can unlock the premium version to remove ads and unlock the ability to favorite drives.

All Language Translator

To completely remove language barriers, All Languages ​​Translator is the perfect app. It allows you to translate words, check dictionary meaning with examples, learn details about a country, and translate entire documents. All translations can be done in up to 109 languages.

The app allows you to use speech to text and vice versa to get the translation in any language you want quickly. There’s even a chat section where two people using different languages ​​can have one-on-one conversations, and the app will narrate the translated conversation.

The dictionary works in 14 languages ​​and shows multiple definitions and examples for each word. You can also use speech-to-text to speak words to define and hear the results. If you travel frequently then this is a must have app.

The app is ad supported and you need a premium subscription to remove ads and use the live chat feature. If you specifically want the live chat feature and don’t want to subscribe, try Universal Translator. It is a free app that allows you to have one-on-one conversations in 40 languages.

All in one video downloader

The Google Play Store is full of applications to download videos from social networking applications such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or WhatsApp. However, with All in One Video Downloader, you can download videos from any app or website in one app.

Just like those dedicated apps, it allows you to paste the video URL to download videos quickly.

There are direct buttons to download videos from Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and YouTube. For everything else, you can use the built-in browser to search and download. It will automatically detect videos in the browser and show a download button.

The 7 best all-in-one apps for Android

In addition to videos, you can also download audio and image files. There is a dedicated section where you can see all the downloaded videos, audio and images.

The app is supported by ads, but there is no way to remove them. However, I personally didn’t find them very intrusive; at least they’re not timer based.

3C all-in-one toolbox

3C All-in-One Toolbox offers a lot of advanced phone management tools in one application. There is a device manager, a task manager, a usage manager, a file manager, a battery manager, a network manager, a CPU manager, and a system manager. Each tool is much more powerful than the phone’s native settings.

Although some of the advanced options like overclocking require a rooted phone, most of the options work fine on non-rooted phones. Some of the cool things you could do with this app are listed below:

The 7 best all-in-one apps for Android
  • Schedule phone cleaning.
  • Automatic data backup.
  • Set alarms for conditions like phone heating up or battery percentage.
  • Check CPU, GPU, RAM and network performance in real time.
  • Track app usage and add limits.
  • See currently running apps and their impact.
  • Manage startup applications.
  • Calibrate battery.
  • Advanced battery details, including battery flow.
  • Check the strength of the connection.

There is much more that this app can do; the above are just some of the most useful things. The app is ad-supported, with some customization features locked behind the pro version.

Bonus app 😎

All Tools doesn’t have a specific focus, but it offers over 70 tools that really make life easier. Interestingly, most of the tools it provides are usually offered as dedicated apps on the Google Play Store. Some of the tools include walkie talkie, device remote control, internet speed test, scanner, speedometer, color detector, and CCTV.

final thoughts

I’m sure downloading these apps will help you get rid of some of the dedicated apps on your phone and manage most things without jumping between apps. Even if you don’t download all the apps, I think Universal Converter and Mi Remote are a must as anyone may face the need to use them at some point.

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