The 7 Best Instagram Proxies for Marketers in 2023.

Instagram has become the number one choice for social media marketers around the world.

Through this platform, marketers can reach their target audience to advertise their products to them and increase sales. However, reaching the audience and marketing your products is not as easy as it seems. It is hard work.

The 7 Best Instagram Proxies for Marketers in 2023

Getting more likes, comments and followers on your Instagram account means increasing the chances of getting more potential consumers.

Therefore, it is vital to use multiple accounts that work consistently to run successful marketing campaigns. And it is extremely slow if done manually. That is why many social media marketers today use marketing automation tools or bots for rapid engagement buildup.

The 7 Best Instagram Proxies for Marketers in 2023

But there is a problem; Instagram is known for being strict in its terms of use. They do not hesitate to ban bot-driven accounts when detected. So what can you do? Don’t worry. That’s where Instagram proxies come in.

They can help you bypass any restrictions and manage multiple accounts simultaneously. Below we’ll take a look at some of the best Instagram proxies for marketers. So, keep reading.

The 7 Best Instagram Proxies for Marketers in 2023

What are Instagram proxy servers?

Instagram proxies are servers that social media marketers can use to manage multiple accounts from a single device or vice versa.

Due to its strict social media policies, Instagram may ban your account or IP address if it detects that you are using multiple accounts.

The 7 Best Instagram Proxies for Marketers in 2023

However, once connected to a proxy, Instagram will recognize the proxy as your unique IP address. So you can freely use multiple accounts to build engagement and do what is necessary without Instagram getting suspicious.

Such proxies mask your original IP address with your proxy IP. Thus, it becomes difficult for Instagram to identify and block your real IP.

Why do you need Instagram proxies?

Social media marketers and business owners can greatly benefit from using Instagram proxies. Here are some of the reasons you need them:

The 7 Best Instagram Proxies for Marketers in 2023

#1. To use multiple accounts

In general, you can use five accounts at most before you face a ban. If you want to use more accounts, Instagram proxies are your best bet. They mask your real IP and make the proxy IP appear as their own, preventing Instagram from blocking your IP or account.

#2. For social media automation

Manually managing multiple Instagram accounts consumes a lot of time and energy. In addition, it also decreases its range. Instagram proxies can solve these problems by automating your Instagram account and helping you reach a larger audience.

#3. For added security

By shielding your real IP address, Instagram proxies give users anonymity and protect their privacy. Thus, it provides an extra layer of protection to all your accounts.

The 7 Best Instagram Proxies for Marketers in 2023

#4. For scraping purposes

When it comes to useful information, Instagram has no shortage. Scraping information like hashtags, followers, profiles, etc., for technical and business purposes can help your business grow. But as far as we know, Instagram is averse to this practice and may take strict action against it if you are caught red-handed. Instagram proxies can help you scrape safely without worrying about repercussions.

Now that you have gathered a brief idea about Instagram proxies and what they do, let us list the best Instagram proxies to choose from:

Real IP

IPRoyal is among the best 100% ethically sourced proxy servers out there. It offers IP addresses that are used by real people. Thus, it makes sure that the users never face any marks or bans.

IPRoyal currently offers scattered proxies in over 195 countries worldwide and uses city-level targeting for greater efficiency.

The 7 Best Instagram Proxies for Marketers in 2023

Users can use proxy servers to access any website unless it is illegal. IPRoyal comes with a lot of great features, including instant IP change, auto-rotation, persistent proxy sessions, dedicated home proxies, etc.

In addition, it offers unlimited concurrent sessions without restrictions, giving users greater freedom. According to the website, IPRoyal has a 99.67% success rate with traffic that never expires. That means you can trust IPRoyal for all your social media marketing needs.

As of now, IPRoyal’s pricing starts as low as $7 for the initial 1GB, with discounts kicking in as it goes higher.

The 7 Best Instagram Proxies for Marketers in 2023


Oxylabs exclusive proxies are perfect for dodging bans while scraping and building your Instagram engagement. With its high-quality and ethically sourced proxies, Oxylabs can protect your Instagram account efficiently.

By using real IP addresses, it allows you to collect public data without Instagram mistakenly suspecting that it is fake. It has a high uptime, which guarantees the smooth running of web scraping projects.

Some of the key features of Oxylabs are state and city level targeting, unlimited concurrent sessions, 100+ million stable IP addresses with worldwide coverage, etc.

In addition to proxies, you also get proxy management tools, Lloyd’s Insurance, and dedicated account managers for added convenience. Oxylabs single post-connect entry allows you to use a continuously rotating proxy pool. This helps you control your sessions as well as avoid crashes and get an average success rate of 99.95%.

Currently, Oxylabs packages start as low as $300/month.

brilliant data

Bright Data offers over 72 million unique real IP addresses with unlimited rotations so you never have to compromise on quality and reliability again. By offering stable connections with a 99.9% success rate, Bright Data has earned a good reputation among users.

Bright Data allows users to change their location as many times as they need and point to any city, country, carrier or ASN around the world.

For your information, the developers leave no stone unturned when it comes to customer satisfaction and introduce new features frequently.

The 7 Best Instagram Proxies for Marketers in 2023

Key Bright Data features include fully supported and proprietary proxies, unlimited concurrent requests, hassle-free integrations, full transparency, and more. Plus, it provides 24/7 global support and dedicated account managers for an effortless Instagram proxy experience.

Bright Data packages are quite expensive, with the starter package costing $500/month. But when it comes to security and reliability, it’s a top-tier option to consider.


SmartProxy offers excellent and effective IP addresses that bypass Instagram bans and restrictions and protect your account. It is compatible with all Instagram bots and its automation mechanism is a reliable way to handle multiple Instagram accounts.

Interestingly, its simple setup process ensures that even newbies can access it without any hassle. SmartProxy users can choose from over 40 million IP addresses spread over 195+ locations around the world. Also, when it comes to security and anonymity, it ensures that no user faces cybersecurity risks.

The 7 Best Instagram Proxies for Marketers in 2023

The home proxies offered by SmartProxy look like run-of-the-mill devices with no shared subnets. So Instagram never suspects anything and can’t block them en masse. Some of its main features are unlimited connections and threads, 24/7 customer support, sticky sessions, traffic usage statistics, etc.

SmartProxy residential plans start at $80/mo. Users can also opt for their ‘Pay As You Go’ plan, which costs $12.5 per GB.

proxy seller

A new addition to the proxy arena, Proxy Seller does exactly what it says on the tin: it sells private Socks5 and HTTPS proxies. In a short time, Proxy Seller has proven itself and looks quite promising.

The developers have used two-factor authentication, which allows users to visit blocked websites safely without worrying about data loss.

Proxy Seller also allows you to choose from 300+ networks, subnets, and 15+ countries of proxies with city level targeting. Also, it has a chat box where you can contact them if necessary, and their 24/7 customer support will make sure that all your issues are resolved quickly.

Proxy Seller’s IPv4 proxy servers for Instagram come equipped with numerous features. These include a stable high-speed connection (up to 1 GBPS), proxy replacement/refund within 24 hours of obtaining personal proxy data, individual proxies for personal use, etc.

Plus, Proxy Seller customer support executives can even help you set up the proxy on your computer using TeamViewer if you can’t do it yourself.

Proxy Seller IPv4 proxy packages have different costs depending on the location of the proxy and the number of proxies. The best part is that they are willing to offer discounts of up to 40% if you go for long-term packages.

the social proxy

Social Proxy provides merchants and social media companies with high-quality 5G and 4G proxies for effective marketing management. This fast IP proxy network allows businesses to use multiple Instagram accounts without the risk of being blocked.

It has an endless stream of IP addresses that are used by real users. Thus, it becomes easier to collect information and perform other necessary tasks anonymously to help your Instagram account grow.

Social Proxy has optimized all of its proxies for seamless automation. It offers rich features like IP rotation, live access logs, unlimited connections, REST API support, etc.

Social Proxy currently offers IP addresses in five countries: the United States of America (New York and Texas), the United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, and Austria. In addition, they are careful to maintain good standards of privacy and uptime.

Social Proxy comes with five packages for the five available locations. €119/month + €1 registration fee for the US and €89/month + €1 registration fee for Texas (US), UK, Israel, Germany and Austria.


ProxyEmpire provides users with over 9.75 million clean IP addresses in over 170 countries to access any content they want. Their rotating home proxies use advanced filtering, allowing you to target countries, cities, ISPs, etc.

ProxyEmpire proxies support all standard proxy protocols and integrate with all major software stacks. It also provides static residential proxies or ISP proxies that allow users to continue using the same IP for months.

Also, it has lots of useful features like unlimited simultaneous connections, data transfer, dedicated mobile proxies and many more.

Currently, ProxyEmpire’s home proxy pricing starts at $45/mo.

Last words

As you can see, Instagram proxies have numerous wonderful uses, from bypassing geo-restrictions, automating social media tools, managing multiple accounts, seamlessly running multiple marketing campaigns simultaneously, etc.

In this article, we list the best Instagram proxies for marketers. Choose the one that best suits your needs and take your business account to a level never seen before. Good luck!

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