Despite Apple’s efforts with its videos to explain everything we can do with iOS, there are still a lot of lagging users who don’t know how to get the most out of their device, using every gesture and using every. function. Are you one of them? This article is for you, so they never have to explain anything about your iPhone again and you have it perfectly, shall we start?

7- Quickly darken your iPhone screen

In addition to being able to adjust the brightness of the screen of our device, there is a possibility that allows us to reduce it directly without having to access the Control Center or the settings. We owe this to the Zoom function on the screen, which allows us to go even further than the minimum system brightness, to activate this function, you must follow these steps:

  • 1 series Open Adjustments and go to Accessibility.

  • 2e In Accessibility click on Zoom.

  • 3e Now it’s time to configure this option, and we’ll move on to Zoom region, where we will select Full zoom.

  • 4e We will continue with the option Zoom filter, and we will press Low light.

We need to have the zoom menu like in the screenshot below:

Zoom on low light filter

Once the low light filter is activated, we need to assign a command to quickly activate this option.

  • 5e We return to the menu Accessibility in Adjustments, and we slide down, where it says Quick function.

  • 6e In Quick function We can choose an option to activate it by triple-tapping the Home button on iPhone with TouchID or the side button on iPhone with FaceID. We will select Zoom.

With all these options configured, we can now thanks to the quick function decrease the intensity of the brightness on the screen with a triple press on the Home button or with (check iPhone 11).

6- Organize your cards in Wallet

When using Wallet, cards are added in chronological order from the first to the last you saved, whether for payment or loyalty cards and boarding passes. However, we can move them as we wish to order them as we wish. Simply, with the fan of cards folded, press and hold the button on which you want to change position, you will see how it rises slightly. Then, without releasing the key, drag across the screen until it is in the position you choose.

Apple Pay Transit Express

Regarding bank cards, the one we place first at the bottom will become our default payment card in Apple Pay, and the one that will be activated by default when we enter Wallet by double-pressing the Home button on the iPhone with TouchID or the unlock button on iPhone with FaceID.

5- Respond quickly to messages from the Apple messaging app

There is a function called Tapback which allows us in the application messages react quickly to a message sent and received in a chat with an emoticon. For that, we only have to press and hold the message balloon until the iPhone gives us a haptic response and opens a small menu where we can select our reaction, as well as copy it.

Reactions to TapBack messages Reactions to TapBack messages

4- Quickly delete the numbers from the calculator

If you are an iPhone calculator user, you will have noticed that no key to delete the numbers we wrote on the screen. Indeed, instead of using keyboard space for this, Apple decided to implement a more ingenious option, albeit unknown to many.

To erase a number on the calculator just slide your finger from left to right or vice versa on the screen, and our last digit will disappear.

Clear last digit calculator

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3- Move several applications at the same time

When organizing our iPhone home screens, moving apps one by one can get very tedious. Fortunately, there is the possibility of moving several at the same time, for that you just have to follow these steps:

  • 1 series Put the apps in edit mode by holding down one of them and selecting Change home screen.

  • 2e With the edit mode active, we go to one of the applications that we want to move, and click on it and hold it.

  • 3e At the same time as we continue to press, with another finger or directly with the other hand, we move on the screens and click on all the applications that we want to move together. These will be stacked on top of the one you initially pressed and hold the pulse in.

Sort multiple iOS apps

When you have all the apps you want to move stacked just drag them to where you want to place them and drop them, the stack will be canceled and distributed over the selected space.

2- Better organize the content of your notes

Although the application Notes It already gives us a very useful option of bullets and enumerations, we can go a step further and create different levels of bullets just by sliding our finger.

For that, we are going to write the elements of our note using the bullet, then drag them to the right so that the second level bullet is activated. We can do this multiple times, so we can list it in the list itself.

Thumbnail in iPhone thumbnail

1- Set a timer for the music

Are you one of those people who like to go to bed while listening to music? Would you like the music to stop automatically after a certain time? In the clock options you can configure this.

x Timer Stop Music

You just have to play the disc or the list of your choice and while it is playing go to the application The clock, on the tab Timer. Here we will configure the timer for the time we want to play, and in the option At the end we will select Stop reading. When the allotted time has elapsed, the music will stop automatically.

Source : Techradar

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