AirPods revolutionized the wireless earphone market over 3 years ago and since the first generation we have seen two new models: some Slightly improved AirPods 2 and much deeper new AirPods Pro. The rumors about the next releases don’t stop, and in addition to the AirPods Studio tiara, many are waiting for the AirPods 3.

Now, Ming-Chi Kuo has just released a new report in which he assures that Apple will continue to sell second-generation AirPods at Christmas this year, which directly indicates that its renewal is not coming. It seems like Apple plans to launch AirPods 3 in the first half of 2021. But that’s not all, Kuo reports that the new AirPods 3 would have a new design “similar to AirPods Pro”.

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The degree of similarity of this new design has not been clarified, although we understand that it will be more of an inspiration than a 100% identical design so that each model retains its identity.


AirPods 3 will have a new design

Second-generation AirPods launched in March 2019, with two main new features: “Hey Siri” and an option with Qi wireless charging case. However, the design remained unchanged, they were the same as the original AirPods. A few months later, in October 2019, Apple introduced the AirPods Pro with many new features like noise cancellation and a new design, with ear pads, shorter structure and pressure sensitive.

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Kuo now says that the AirPods 3 will be similar to the AirPods Pro, but he doesn’t say exactly how the AirPods 3 will look like on the “professional” model. I don’t think Apple uses the AirPods 3 pads as well, there are some users who don’t like these type of headphones and it’s good to have two different options. So the most normal thing would be that will inherit the shorter and smaller design of the AirPods Proand use the new pressure system in place of the keys.

Either way, there is still a lot to see in action. An analyst, who sources from Apple’s supply chain in China, said until the first half of 2021 we will not see them on the market And, looking at Apple’s typical launch window, March 2021 might just be the perfect time.

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In addition to this information, Kuo insists that this year EarPods will no longer be included in the iPhone 12 box. According to the analyst, this strategy will try to boost the sale of AirPods, he even said. declared. speculated on the possibility that Apple is offering some kind of discount if you take AirPods with your new iPhone 12. A good strategy going forward might be to keep the AirPods 2 in the market more affordable than the AirPods 3. With a major design change, Apple could maintain both without worrying that some will capture the majority of sales, well. that it will be necessary to wait until 2021 to find out.

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Source: Techradar