The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The game, developed by Beenoxshows a parallel story to the film and promises a greater system of skills and upgrades, in addition to a progression with greater freedom, compared to the previous title.

The superhero, one of the most beloved by children and comic book fans, has won good games in the past such as “Spider-Man”: Shattered Dimensions🇧🇷Spider-Man: Edge of Time” and “The Amazing Spider-Man“, all also produced by Beenox. But has the company been able to maintain the high level of quality? Yes and no. Keep following us and see what we like or dislike about the game.

Fans of the comics will appreciate

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The game has a narrative which should please fans of the arachnid, with some influences from the movies and even more from the comics🇧🇷 Two years have passed since the death of Uncle Ben and Peter parker continues on the hunt for his killer, like the spectacular Spider man🇧🇷 As the game progresses, new dangers and super-villains appear, making the hero’s life even more complicated. For those who follow the character in the comics, you will be pleased to know that we have illustrious presences that do not appear in the movies, such as shockera Black cat🇧🇷 Kraven🇧🇷 Carnage it’s the King of crimebeyond the Electro and Green elfwhich are in the feature film.

THE story is well tied and unites all the villains in a very effective way, as in a great saga in the comics. One of the strengths of the game is that it has the main quests quite varied, with objectives such as defeating henchmen, disabling equipment, taking pictures, arriving at certain places and sneakily infiltrating enemy bases – and in the latter, your spider sense works as an excellent radar to detect the presence of enemies or important objects , very similar to the detective mode of the “Batman” series.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Hero or threat in a large city to explore

Another factor that stands out is the very well built city, with various types of buildings, cars and people walking in a colorful, lively and beautiful New York. The Spider has a series of movements and acrobatics when swinging between the skyscrapers that are a spectacle on the TV screen, passing on a very exciting and fun experience.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The city has several side quests – such as catching bad guys, taking pictures, saving hostages, chasing fleeing cars – used for the system “hero or menace“, which classifies the player according to their actions: prevent crimes and see your popularity increase; let the criminals loose and see JJ Jameson slaughter with your reputation and be considered a threat to the city. This guarantees a good longevity for the game after finishing the main campaign, in addition to having several collectibles for players who like to hunt for treasure, such as special uniforms, comic books and even figurines, available at Stan Lee’s comic shop, creator of the character – and with voice acting of own.

not so spectacular

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The game has a evolution system, in which the player gains experience points that can be used to improve the combat system, the launch of webs and the uniforms used, making the character stronger and more agile. But in general, the Combat mechanics got simplistic, no need for great strategies or complex commands to defeat enemies – just punch and dodge from time to time. And if the thing turns black (which is rare to happen), it is possible to use the web on the wounds to recover energy.

And since we started, let’s talk about the others negative points: the main one is to be very similar to the predecessor game“The Amazing Spider-Man”, from 2012. Beenox took all the original structure and used it again, increasing the areas, making the settings more beautiful, adding some small new features, but in the end what we have here is a big “deja vu🇧🇷 It’s true that the web and swinging system is more fluid than before, using the two analogue sticks as the right and left arms – by using both at the same time it’s possible to launch Spidey like a missile at great speed through the air. We also have the morality system and the possibility of playing for the first time as Peter parker (your alter eg0 isan important part of the Spider-Man mythology), doing investigative missions, which is quite interesting and full of potential, but which unfortunately had a superficial final result. Overall, the level of creativity and originality were below expectations, with good ideas that could have been better used.

Despite presenting a city with a beautiful look, the game does not have impressive graphics, especially for the new consoles. The visuals of closed areas such as the interior of enemy buildings, bases and labs are generic and uninspired, but at least they offer strategic points to use Spidey’s powers, especially in the stealth modewhich is bolder than before. The highlight is the design of the Spider, with a very fluid and realistic body movement, with several different animations for the character’s amazing acrobatics. Whether swinging through the air or battling enemies, the hero gracefully stands out on screen. On the other hand, its counterpart Peter parker presents himself in a strange way, not much resembling the actor Andrew Garfield in the new movies and his girlfriend, the beauty Gwen Stacyone of the most prominent elements of the feature films, was completely ignored in this game.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Enemies follow a style basic and repetitive, like henchmen with similar looks throughout the entire game. at least the bosses they have a more elaborate look, but the battles against them do not require much strategy. in addition there is some bugs like the character crossing walls, stopping in mid-air and in some cutscenes we can see a lack of synchrony between the sound and the images. Not to mention that sometimes during dialogue animations, the Web Head is fidgeting while talking, as if he were tight to go to the bathroom🇧🇷 The impression it gives is that the game was made in a hurry to coincide with the release of the movie. Who knows if it were free of cinematographic constraints, the end result would be much better.