The Apple Online Store just closed, as a prelude to this afternoon’s event. As with most keynotes, the Cupertino company closes its online store for a few hours to prepare it for new products. This is a clear indicator that we will see brand new gear and accessories at the One more thing event.

Follow the keynote with us, both at the live event and on our YouTube channel.

Apple Store closes, new products arrive

Today’s One more thing event is going to be focused on Macs with Apple Silicon. This means that we will see new models that will later go on sale. As usual, Apple prepares its store to incorporate the new equipment, with its specifications, copy and purchase pages.

All this effort is of great importance, since it will be what those who want to buy the equipment will see. Hence, the company closes the store completely, for several hours, until the changes have been made correctly. Nothing can be left to chance.

Up to three new MacBooks with Apple Silicon are expected this afternoon. A MacBook or MacBook Air, a 13-inch or 14-inch MacBook Pro and a 16-inch MacBook Pro. Some models that involve renewing the entire portable range, depending on the final result.

There are barely a handful of hours left to find out. This is the most anticipated keynote in recent years, and the reasons are not for less. We are facing a change whose meaning cannot be doubted.