The Apple Watch Series 6 It is the most complete “smart” watch from Cupertino to date. It has all the features introduced in previous generations and new functions. Right now you can find the 44mm GPS version quite reduced on Amazon at 459 euros 409 euros, its historical minimum price.

The Apple Watch Series 6 GPS 44 mm has a recommended retail price of 459 euros, but on Amazon we can get it with a discount of 50 euros that brings it down to 409 euros, a considerable discount considering that it is a fairly recent product.

This “smart” watch from Cupertino is the most powerful in the catalog (also the most expensive). In addition to enjoying all the options introduced in previous generations, it has new features to make it more complete, such as the SpO2 sensor, also known as a pulse oximeter. This sensor of four sets of green, red and infrared LEDs measures the light reflected in the blood and uses an algorithm to measure its level.

The Apple Watch Series 6 of 44 mm reaches its historical minimum price on Amazon with this reduction of 50 euros

Incorporates the new Apple Silicon S6 SiP processor, based on the A13 of the iPhone 11 Pro. According to Apple, it is 20% faster than the previous one and offers a range of up to 18 hours (there have been no changes in the battery). In addition, it has the new U1 chip and ultra-wideband antennas that in the future will allow opening cars with digital keys, for example.

Its Retina screen with the always-on function is now 2.5 times brighter than the previous model, although only when the user turns the wrist to see the information, useful when we are on the street and it does a lot of cool. The other sensor to highlight is the always active altimeter, which is capable of measuring the unevenness relying on GPS and nearby Wi-Fi networks.

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The Apple Watch Series 6 of 44 mm reaches its historical minimum price on Amazon with this reduction of 50 euros