If you like to travel for leisure or you have to do it for work, it is likely that on more than one occasion you have wanted to plan the route that you are going to do each day. The usual thing, until now, was to prepare this planning using paper and pen. Now, thanks to the iPad, we can do it in a more practical and efficient way. For this we have the application “Routes. Plan your trips”, which has just been updated to version 2.1 with important new features.

But before counting the changes, let’s see what the application allows to do. With “Routes. Plan your trips” we can:

  • Create multiple itineraries, different routes per itinerary and up to 25 points for each route.
  • Images in Street View for each point of the route
  • We can publish our routes and search for those of other users
  • Integration with Wikipedia to search for points of interest and with Twitter and email to share our routes
  • Add notes to route points
  • Calculate the distance and time spent on the route, also being able to choose the fastest route
  • Three map views: Classic, Hybrid and Satellite
  • Three route modes: by car, by bike and on foot
  • Synchronization of routes between devices (the application is universal)
  • Offline mode, which allows you to consult the information without the need for an Internet connection

The new features of version 2.1 are the following:

  • UI has been changed
  • Sync mode improvements
  • We can indicate when we want the routes to be recalculated (until now it was done whenever a new point was added)
  • Push Notifications
  • Support for iPhone 5 screen
  • Improvements in the performance and stability of the application.

Apart from the complete list of functionalities and improvements, the application offers a Interface really intuitivealthough if at any time we do not know how to do a certain task, we have a complete aid that will guide us through the process. As soon as we start using the application we will be creating our trips and routes in the simplest way. Besides, the synchronization between devices is very useful, being able to define the routes on the iPad and transfer them to the iPhone, so that they are more comfortable to manage when, for example, we are walking. Another important improvement is the push notificationswhich will inform us when we are near a point of interest that we have previously created.

In short, an application that, if you like to travel and organize your own routes, you cannot stop trying.

If you want to enjoy this great application, this is your opportunity. In SamaGame we are going to raffle 5 free download codes. In order to participate, all you have to do is leave a comment at the end of this entry. The deadline to participate is tomorrow. Thursday, October 11 at 6:00 p.m. (Spanish peninsular time). Later we will publish the names of the winners.

You can download the universal application “Rutas. Plan your trips” from the App Store (iTunes link) at the price of €1.59