FPS for mobile Zone F2 It was one of the main video games this week because Ubisoft sued Google and Apple for putting this title up for sale accused of being “a clone” of Rainbow Six Siege. They claimed it was copying virtually every aspect of that Rainbow Six, such as the operator selection screen, gameplay, or the score screen.

In any case, the game has just said goodbye, because the officials of the F2 area have issued a statement in which they warn that servers are closed forever Therefore download is no longer possible this FPS which launched on Google Play and App Store.

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the server of zone f2 is closed

Rainbow Six Siege wants to last 10 years, and with it game-as-a-service begins to make sense

The team in charge of zone F2 commits to return money to all users who may have spent something in one of the two digital stores. Anyone who has been affected by this situation will only have to contact Google and Apple Return Services.

Zone F2

As we can read on GamingOnPhone, in another statement from Qooka, a subsidiary of Ejoy, the company in charge of the development of the F2 zone, the game has managed to garner a good number of very favorable reviews and has been successful. by being among the most downloaded on the App Store in several countries. However, he points out that gameplay has been a hindrance for many players by giving this title a chance.

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While many users are happy with it, many more are there in under 30 minutes because the learning curve was somewhat steep. So the team does not want this experience to be a problem and, as it implies, requires a large number of arrangements and a complete overhaul, preferred to end the trip in zone F2 until all relevant improvements have been made.

Area F2 has closed its servers after the request imposed by Ubisoft

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