Krakow studio One more level shortly before the release of the cyberpunk action movie Ghostrunner decided to update the demo version of the game. The developers assure that the difference will be immediately felt: after the release of the demo in May, the game creators received a lot of feedback and immediately made corrections.

Based on the feedback, the studio paid maximum attention to how the game should feel. For this, the gameplay was made smoother, the animation of the hero was worked on, and the conservation of momentum was improved. The most important moments, cutting enemies into pieces, were additionally highlighted both visually and with sounds.

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In addition, the studio extended the duration of the demo, revealing another piece of the story to the players. The first demo started with a mysterious whisper guiding us through the level, explaining the basics of the game. And everything ended with a meeting with the “whisper” and the transition to virtual reality.

The new version continues the story: we find ourselves in cyberspace and get acquainted with the narrator. He calls himself the Architect and admits that he once led the remnants of humanity. But then he was overthrown by a certain Keeper, and he himself survived only due to the fact that he managed to transfer his consciousness to the computer.

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Ghostrunner launches on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 27. The developers have already boasted that in Steam the game was added to the wishlist by more than 600 thousand people.

Source : Game Informer