The best 5 armor of Fallout 4. The best thing you can do when playing Fallout 4, in its desolate and dangerous world, is to choose armor that will protect you from the dangers of the game. And if you don’t know which one, we are going to list our ranking of the five armors that we like the most.

What are the best 5 Fallout 4 armor?

In addition to armor, we will tell you about its advantages, challenges, and qualities. Select it, know what it offers you, and get ready to play.


The United States was going to use the new T-60 armor as their main armor, but the wall was destroyed by bombs and they never finished the design. However, some of the ones that did finish were taken away by East Coast Army and Brotherhood of Steel officers.

This armor has a basic version, which can be upgraded multiple times. The basic version has 1000 points of resistance to radiation and normal damage.

You will find this armor when you meet the members of the Brotherhood of Steel.


Marine assault armor was one of the most recent pre-battle human inventions. In Fallout 4, its use occurs among members of the Church of the Children of the Atom. .

has some defensive characteristics that cannot be compared to the highest power armors in the game.

It can be purchased at numerous shops and vendors located in Far Harbor. You will need downloadable content in order to purchase it.

Make sure you complete at least a large part of the main story to get the full version.


It is true that it is not a type of armor, so specifically speaking. The Ballistic Weave is a armor mod which can be used to carry different buffs on various pieces of clothing. With this set you can get additional bonuses and power-ups that make your stamina much higher. You have to learn to understand Tinker Tom’s ability to be able to use the ballistic weave and create clothing combinations with it.


The Destroyer armor pack can be purchased from different Fallout 4 vendors around the world. Each supplier will only sell one piece of the package.

There’s no way to find it quickly, but it’s worth a try. Each piece in this pack offers its own advantage that will allow you to be more effective in any situation.

Although it doesn’t offer as much security, its ability to stack 3 key buffs makes it quite powerful. In this quest, you will get the following rewards

  • Reduces damage by 15%
  • +10% movement speed
  • +10% movement speed.
  • 1 Charisma, 1 Intellectuality
  • Reduces damage when dashing or blocking by 15%.


The X-01 power armor is considered by many to be the strongest power armor in the entire Fallout series. Although it can be difficult to move with it because it is very heavy, enough protection against a series of attacks.

Offers 1000 attribute points and excellent energy resistance.

In short, this is The best armor in the Fallout 4 universe, created several months before the war began. You can update it many times and its defense will be better and better.

you will find it in Fort Hagen is the perfect place to get this armor. But, keep in mind that you will have to go through the security barrier first.

These are the five armors that surprise us the most. They do not have to coincide with your tastes, and just as the one that is the best for us, is not for you. Try them all and keep the one that best suits your way of playing.