IPads are great and can be an essential tool for the little ones in the house, both for learning and for playing. However, these are delicate devices, which must be protected to prevent breakage. That’s why it’s almost good coverage is essential, and we have several specially designed for children.

It is important choose the model of iPad we have. We chose different cases depending on the iPad model and size, from iPad 2017 and 2018 with a 9.7 inch screen, to iPad 2019 and iPad mini. To find out what model of iPad you have and its screen size, you need to go to Settings, click on General and Information, you can also see it on the Apple site.

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The safest case for the 2019 10.2-inch iPad

This case is designed for 10.2-inch iPad 2019 and for the 10.5-inch iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro. It is a case with a handle that provides additional impact protection and has an adjustable strap for using the iPad in the car. In addition, the handle rotates up to 180 degrees and has a pencil holder for the Apple Pencil.

Sleeve with handle for 9.7-inch iPad

This is a very similar case for all 9.7 inch iPads, from IPad Air to iPad 2017 and 2018 models. We also have a built-in handle that serves both to carry the iPad and to put it in different positions on a table. It is made of EVA, a lightweight material perfect for resisting impact.

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Briefcase cover for iPad mini

A cover with a handle for ipad mini, regardless of your 7.9-inch model. Like the previous ones, we have a handle that turns and bends and a very strong and flexible material that will protect the iPad from any drops.

Protective case for iPad 2019

This blanket has provided us with tremendous support since has handles on three sidesIt also has a setting that makes it compatible to put the iPad safely in the car. This case is compatible with the 2019 10.2 inch iPad and the 10.5 inch iPad Por and Air 3,

Extreme protection for 9.7-inch iPads

The best thing about this case is that it not only protects the iPad, also protects your screen. It is designed to absorb any kind of shock and has a handle for better carrying, but also includes a transparent protector for the screen. It is a case compatible with the 9.7 inch iPads of 2018 and 2017 and with the 9.7 inch iPad Air, Air 2 and Pro

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Shockproof case for iPad mini

This case provides 360 degree protection for the iPad mini, including dust and splash protection. It comes in different colors, uses non-toxic EVA materials, and has a stand to place the iPad in different positions.

The funniest blanket for kids

It is one of funniest covers that you can buy for the 9.7-inch iPad, iPad Air 1 and 2, and iPad 2017 and 2018 models. It has arms and legs which serve to protect and hold the iPad more securely and the material will protect the iPad from falling.

Source : ipadizate.es