The best and worst performances of E3 2017.

While some performances should have been called screenings rather, others remained in the classical format. This year, too, many surprises, joys and disappointments awaited us – it was time to rank the performances.

E3 is undergoing a transformation, and sometimes we feel a bit like publishers don’t want to do it this way anymore. There may not be press conferences next year, but like Nintendo, everyone is just screening a pre-recorded video – for Bethesda, there were about two sentences this time, then a trailer, a trailer, a trailer, a curtain, so they really provided the minimum. There were even fewer false positives than last year (partly because of leaks that no one would really miss), but Ubisoft, for example, even though we already knew everything about its key games, was able to surprise us. Let’s look at the ranking, write down how much you agree with it.

The best and worst performances of E3 2017

6. PC Gaming Show

Another year, another PC Gaming Show that we feel uncomfortable watching. Leaving aside the technical problems and the awkward bucks (fortunately there weren’t many), there remains a show that culminates in the announcement of the Age of Empires Definitive Edition, the creator of Battlegrounds comes with the huge news that it will be possible to climb cars, fences, and improve the weather, and the rest of the time we can watch cute, cozy indie games. Okay, there were Forza Motorsport 7 and Sea of ​​Thieves as well, but the big games would need more roles: we’d love to see Destiny 2 gameplay on PC, or anything that shows why it’s good, maybe why it’s best to play on PC. Definitely not because of Ylands or Griftlands, no matter how enjoyable.

5. Bethesda

Don’t get me wrong: we liked everything Bethesda showed, we just didn’t get a performance from them, but a screening. Todd Howard didn’t show up on stage to talk about Fallout 4 VR or what the Switch opens up, just Pete Hines said a word or two at the beginning. There was also no talk about what innovations we can see in Wolfenstein II or how there will be more, better The Evil Within 2 than the previous part. Everything had to be unraveled from later interviews. They could see it all in 40 minutes, although as we could see in the videos on the next few days, there was still something to show. It wasn’t bad, but we expected more.

The best and worst performances of E3 2017

4. EA Play

EA tries very hard to emphasize that EA Play isn’t part of E3, but if someone is organizing their own equally important event for the world’s largest video player show, don’t be surprised if the two are washed together. There were highs and lows to EA’s performance: celebrity inconvenience missed this year, but next year, after a young man speaking at Need for Speed, they might also consider whether it’s worth calling youtubers. We could see a lot of gameplay, there were surprising and exciting announcements, they talked, they didn’t just show videos, so overall we got what we needed – but we missed the usual “That’s how Star Wars projects are now” video, even suppressing Battlefront II, or not.

3. Sony

Like Bethesda, Sony did not force itself. Shawn Layden came in, then the videos spun. It was strange that several games and technologies were unveiled in the pre-performance chat show, which was probably followed by only a fraction of those interested. And we’d love to hear about PlayLink during the show, or they could have had a live show. We also missed the release dates: for GT Sport, it’s still just sure to come in the fall, but we don’t even know that much about Detroit: Become Human and Days Gone. And The Last of Us II – how was it left out? I’ll tell you, there will be a PlayStation Experience in December, all the really big announcements are in store, they just didn’t want to miss out on E3. That’s the explanation, don’t expect more from gamescom. Anyway, the live music, the people hanging out during Days Gone, and the other stage elements deserve praise, even if we haven’t seen them as well from home as they did on the spot.

The best and worst performances of E3 2017

2. Microsoft

Basically, we didn’t fall back on either the self-published game offering or the Xbox One X, but Microsoft made a well-put together presentation that featured a bunch of 4K gameplay videos – games that debuted there. Metro Exodus, Assassin’s Creed: Origins, Anthem, Life is Strange: Before the Storm took the show, and Forza 7 obviously can’t be expected. Unfortunately, we don’t understand why, who would benefit from a $ 499 machine if only a fraction of the games run on it in 4K, and even less at 60 fps. Plus, 4K isn’t always native either … In the coming months, the publisher will have to come up with very strong arguments as to why anyone who hasn’t bought a PS4 Pro so far should opt for One X.

1. Ubisoft

The Ubisoft team put together a performance full of emotions and excitement, it is clear that they deserve the first place. Without Aisha Tyler, she managed to show a less awkward show, much better to hear about the games from the mouths of the developers and the very friendly Yves Guillemot, who runs the company, than from the self-proclaimed gamer, somehow a little disbelieving actress. Introducing Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, led by Mario’s father Shigeru Miyamoto (and thanked the tear-wracking developer who is leading the game’s development, it was a touching moment) The Crew 2, Skull & Bones, the mobile South Park game , Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Steep: Road to the Olympics, and then, at the end, the touched Michel Ancel unveiled Beyond Good and Evil 2, for which he himself probably fought for years, and can now come true. Cinematic, gameplay trailers and developer statements were in the right proportions, we were satisfied in every way. I just needed a Splinter Cell …

The best and worst performances of E3 2017

+1: Devolver Digital

When Devolver announced it was giving a performance, we were only moderately curious: it’s a publisher of indie games, we didn’t expect big announcements. They weren’t even: instead, we got a completely overwhelmed show parodying the performances, with lots and lots of blood. The guy is going for it.

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The best and worst performances of E3 2017