Today we bring you a small compilation with the best applications for your LG Smart TV with WebOS operating system , so that you can install the ones you want to improve their functionalities. Unfortunately, the WebOS catalog is quite scarce in terms of applications, but we have managed to, as we did with Tizen televisions, bring you our list.

The idea is to offer you the most essential applications. Most of them are sure that you already know them well, although you will like to know that they are native to WebOS so that you do not have to connect any external devices or dongles to the TV to use them. But in addition to the famous ones, we have also included some lesser known ones that we have tried and it seemed to us that they deserve to be in the twenty that we include in the list.

We have tried that if you buy a WebOS TV, with this list you cover the most essential functions and the best ways to obtain all kinds of content. But as we always say in Xataka Basics, if you consider that we have left out any other that you know and is recommended, do not hesitate to propose it in the comments section . Thus, all our readers will benefit from the knowledge of our Xatakers.

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And we start with what is one of the most popular weather applications in the field of smartphones, which also has its own application for televisions. With it you will be able to obtain weather information for any town in the world , perfect both to know if it rains tomorrow in your city and if you will be able to have a sunny weekend on the getaway you are planning.

The application will allow you to store your most visited locations to obtain detailed weather information, with radar or satellite, as well as the forecast for the next few days. There is little more to say, if you are one of those who wants to watch these things on TV, it is the best alternative.

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Amazon Alexa


An application created by Amazon to turn your TV into a smart screen with Alexa. Using voice commands, you can make the same interactions that you do with Alexa on other devices, and even control other devices or your smart home from the TV. It also serves to put music or other content without having to search for anything, Alexa does it for you.

Amazon Prime Video

Prime Video

If you have Amazon Prime, you also have Prime Video, and with this platform access to hundreds of series and movies of all kinds. You also have your own productions, which without being as large as Netflix or having that halo of HBO quality, they try to find a balance between both concepts.

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Another advantage of this service is that the remote controls of many high-end LG televisions have a dedicated button for it, which makes it extremely easy to access your catalog immediately.

Apple TV

Apple Tv

Apple may have been one of the last to get to this of content streaming, but it is making a lot of effort and spending a lot of money on proper names to try to gain a foothold in the sector. Even so, it is an application a bit Frankenstein and confusing, since it really is like two services in one , something that if you are not used to it can confuse you.

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On the one hand, there is Apple TV, the service that offers you a wide catalog of films and productions that you can buy or rent. And then you have Apple TV +, the streaming service created by Apple itself and with its own content. At the moment it does not have much, but it has great names in film and television.



One of the tricks of WebOS is its function of turning your TV into a digital frame on which relaxing pictures are projected. Well, with the application of the BlackDove platform, you will be able to take this concept to a new level. Your TV will have amazing artistic screensavers perfect to leave in the background while you’re together.

The application has a series of free backgrounds that will already serve to give a touch of color and distinction to the room. And in exchange for some micropayments, you will also be able to buy some more. But again, if you like the feature but don’t use it too much, the free model should suffice.

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DAZN is a streaming service dedicated entirely to sports broadcasts , such as the Premier League, Moto GP, the Copa del Rey soccer, UFC, boxing and more. Therefore, if you are a sports lover and you are subscribed to this service, its application for Smart TV will facilitate its viewing without having to resort to third-party devices.

Device Information

Device Info

It is an application with which you can view a file with all the data of your television , from its measurements and resolution to the firmware version, through the network to which it is connected or the name of the specific model or even if it is connected to the Internet or your IP address.

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Here I do not want to deceive you. The interface of the application is very ugly and takes very little use of the space you have on the screen. However, if you always want to have your most essential information at hand without having to resort to the classic of looking for the model on Amazon to get your file, it can be useful.

Earth Online


If you are fascinated by outer space, this is a great little application that you cannot miss. With it, you will connect directly to the live streams of the International Space Station without having to look for the specific applications where they are broadcast and the channel on which they are broadcast. It is to open the app and start to see the planet earth from space.

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HBO is another of the largest streaming platforms in the world, and it is especially popular thanks to the high quality of almost all of its own productions . Against it, it can be said that the Smart TV application is not as polished as that of other competitors, and that it does not have a dedicated button like Netflix or Prime Video, but in its favor you have the undeniable reality that in its catalog there are absolutely essential series.

Internet Speed 2


An application as simple as it is effective. As its name indicates, it knows how to do a connection speed analysis of your TV. You will be able to know the PING, the download speed and the upload speed that are reaching the device.

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Ok, yes, your smart TV is already capable of capturing radio stations through the antenna, but you may not capture all of them or you prefer to have an interface that unifies them better. If so, MyTuner is an Internet radio application with which you will be able to capture the most important stations in your country in a very similar way to their official website.

And there is more, because MyTuner also allows you to choose podcasts in your country, and if you are not satisfied, you can change the country to search for the main stations and podcasts of any country in the world that you select from your list.

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Netflix does not need an introduction either, as it is one of the best streaming services you can find. It is famous thanks to a good collection of world-class productions and international fame, and especially for the large amount of its own content it generates so that you always have something to see and that is not available on other platforms.

Its application for WebOS is practically the same as what you can find in other devices oriented to the television, and it does not lack functions. What’s more, Netflix has the honor of being one of the two services that has its own button on the control of many LG TV models of higher ranges.



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Plex is one of the most loved services by all those who want to set up their own Netflix or their own Spotify. You just have to install its server application on the device that is always connected and with the content you want to see, and then you can see that content on any other device .

And of course, the native application for WebOS means that you will not need to connect external devices to the television to be able to receive all the content you have in Plex on it. A good solution for seriéfiles and music lovers, which improves with advantages such as the free movies offered by the service or its Plex Pass paid subscription to obtain even more benefits.

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Radio Televisión Española is not only a public entity, but the first television channel that began broadcasting throughout Spain. That makes this app interesting not only to watch contemporary programming with your favorite shows whenever you want , but you can also browse the vast amount of older content it offers.



The quintessential music streaming service also has its place in the application catalog of your Smart TV with WebOS, which will allow you to listen to your favorite music on the TV. This can be quite practical especially if you have a good sound system connected to the TV, since you can get the most out of it.

Best of all, Spotify allows you to manually decide on which connected device you want to listen to the playback in its mobile application, which means that you can choose to play it on the TV and use the mobile app as a remote control . And it is not that the interface of the TV app is bad, but surely you control it better with your mobile.

This is how Dolby Vision IQ works, the system that comes to improve the image on compatible televisions.



This is a great little update if you’re a fan of being able to watch IPTV channels. I have to say that I have been testing several apps to take advantage of this technology in WebOS, and this has been the easiest to use. You don’t have to register or do anything from your PC, all you have to do is write the URL of the PlayList with the channels you want to watch online and that’s it.

The application is of Russian origin, and when you install it you have a handful of channels from that country and access to all the national channels that reach you by antenna. However, you can create playlists in which you write down the URL from which you want to download them by hand. By the way, here is an open project with channels that you can add.



Twitch has become a heavyweight in the world of video content platforms in its own right, specializing in live broadcasts and pampering creators, so many YouTubers have a Twitch channel. It is owned by Amazon, who has the benefits of Prime Gaming, formerly called Twitch Prime, available to its users.

Twitch will allow you to follow the channels of your favorite broadcasters so you don’t miss their streams, and if you want to support one of them, you can also buy a paid subscription from them to help them monetize. In any case, it is a perfect site for streaming video games or creators talking about their things.



Although other platforms are winning battles such as broadcasting, YouTube is still the one where everyone has to be. This makes it essential when it comes to finding all kinds of free content, from our review videos to all kinds of music, outreach or entertainment videos.

Its version for Smart TV is quite acceptable, with an interface adapted to be easy to use with the remote control , option for subtitles and to navigate through all the channels that you have followed with your user account. All this with its free mode with ads or a paid version without them.

YouTube Kids


And we are going to finish with YouTube Kids, the version of YouTube designed so that the little ones in the house have a safe application to watch their favorite content. There are always creators who manage to bypass their algorithm, but generally, you will always find children’s content here. All this in a colorful and easy to navigate environment.

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Bonus: The rest of streaming services

And to finish, although I think we have covered the quota of streaming services quite well, you should know that ** webOS has apps for many other services available in Spain. For example, you have the Atresplayer, MiTele, Filmin and FlixOlé applications, there is also Google Play Video, Rakuten, and even LaLiga Sports TV for sports lovers.


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