The Best Brawlers For Territory Control Mode In Brawl Stars

The strategy game ‘Brawl Stars’ has become one of the most fun to play. Players love its different modes and challenges. One of the most popular modes is the territory control mode. If you are a new player, it is a challenge to decide which brawler is the best. Here are the best brawlers to play in Brawl Stars Territory Control mode:


  • death: Mortis is one of the most popular brawlers to meet the goal of controlling the territories. They’re tough enough to take serious damage, and their short-range attacks keep you safe. Also, his movement speed is an added benefit.
  • Colt: Colt is an exceptional brawler when it comes to conquering and defending territories. He is a good offensive and defensive brawler, which means that he offers a lot of good balance on offense and defense. His critical attacks are extremely powerful.
  • Bull: Bull is an incredibly strong brawler who can attack multiple enemies at once. Bull’s wide attack area means he can start some big damage in a group. Also, his attack range allows him to stay safe from enemy attacks.

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  • Pink: Rosa is a unique and very powerful brawler. Her debuffs make it hard for enemies to escape her attack range and her high damage allows them to gain control of territories. Also, her flower field ability gives enemies a hard time in battle.
  • Carl: Carl is a very versatile brawler that can be used for both offense and defense. His mobility allows him to move quickly and easily across the battlefield to attack or defend territory. In addition, he has a large attack range to deal damage to all his enemies at once.
  • Darryl: With his dense armor, Darryl is a very tough brawler. When he is on the battlefield, he takes damage from multiple enemies at the same time. This allows you to control territories more easily. In addition, the brawler can get closer to her enemies, overcoming obstacles as if they were not there.

With these brawlers, you will be ready to conquer any territory. Choose the brawler that best suits your playstyle and with a little practice, you’ll be ready to dominate Brawl Stars!

The best brawlers for Brawl Stars territory control mode

The best brawler for territory control mode: Frank

Frank is without a doubt the best brawler for territory control mode. Fourth star, Frank is a highly mobile brawler capable of covering great distances with his front line jumps. His Super slows down enemies, which can be very useful for protecting our base. In addition, the Second line of him will allow us to load the hunter.

Other effective brawlers in territory control mode

  • Bit: Poco is another brawler that is very useful for territory control mode. His super allows him to scan and detect nearby enemies, which can be a great help in keeping an eye on the base. Also, his primary attack is also very useful for protecting the base.
  • Pink: Rosa is a very useful brawler for territory control mode. Her super teleports enemies away from the base. This will make it harder for enemies to attack the base. Also, her primary attack can deal with large groups of enemies.
  • Discord: Discord is another very useful brawler for territory control mode. His super launches a tactile missile that seeks out enemy brawlers for a while. This ability is very useful to keep enemies away from the base until we get there. Also, his primary attack deals significant damage.


We hope this guide has helped you learn about the best brawlers for territory control mode. Remember that each brawler is unique and must be chosen depending on the situation. With the right tips and tricks, you can use them to win games and achieve victory.

The best Brawlers for territorial superiority in Brawl Stars

Increase your gaming power in domination mode in Brawl Stars by choosing the best Brawler for the task. It all depends on your skills, but here are some tips to get you started dominating with your best gear.


Brock is usually a very popular brawler due to his fast attack and good range. With a good support team, Brock can be a real threat on the field. He has an excellent main attack with which he can defeat multiple enemies at the same time and his fireworks super ability allows him to further clear the field of enemies.


Shelly has been on the list for a long time. She takes advantage of her attack range at a long distance from her to eliminate the threat on the field. Also, with her super-ability, she can clear multiple enemies at once. If she is played accurately, she can be extremely effective on battlefields.


Bull is a really awesome brawler in open battle arena. His main attack is extremely powerful and his super can take out a lot of enemies. He is a great option when it comes to taking territory, especially the central part of the battlefield.


Estrella is the favorite of many for her ability to teleport. This gives him great freedom of movement on the battlefield and allows him to quickly turn to take over unsuspecting territories. His main attack is also very useful for clearing the area.

The best Brawlers for domination

  • Brock: Good range and fast attack
  • shelly: Long attack range
  • Bull: The main attack is extremely powerful
  • Star: Teleportation ability gives him wide mobility

Either way, you’re sure to find a Brawler you can adapt to to up your game and score an incredible number of wins. It’s time to dominate the battlefield with the brawler of your choice!