The best Pokémon in the form of a dog. In the world of Pokémon there are many strange canine animals. After all, since time immemorial, they are man’s best friend.

And the world of Pokémon is not that different from ours, except that its fauna is much more fun, and it fights… and it has great powers and other things.

In today’s post we make this guide to the best dog-type Pokémon available to trainers around the world. Keep in mind that the concept of “dog”, to put it mildly, generalizes when it comes to Pokemon.

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The best dog-shaped Pokémon

5 Alolan Vulpix

In the first game, Vulpix was all the rage, but fans new and old alike know there’s a new favorite.

The Alolan species of Vulpix was known to the islanders as Keokeo.
In the tropical climate they live in communities that can keep in the cold and breathe out air and -60 degrees Fahrenheit.
It’s an ice-type white Vulpix., very charming, in other words. As a house pet, I would love to have one.

4 Zoroark

Known as the Illusion Fox Pokémon, Zorua’s evolution takes mischief to the next level. No longer content with petty shenanigans, Zoroark has turned to deception on a grand scale with the help of his illusions.

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Stay with one long enough and for a moment you will stop distinguishing between reality and illusion.

This ability is very useful to Zoroarks in the wild, as it allows them to protect their nests from wandering eyes. If that fails, your great special attack and its speed They will help you handle any situation with ease.

3 Growlithe

Despite Vulpix’s many fans, it’s obvious that in Red and Blue’s time it was the strongest canine evolutionary line.

With his fearless nature and cool style, this fire-type creature won the hearts of many trainers. Now it’s just one of many Pokémon in puppy form. However, Growlithe had a different range in the 1990s.

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Thanks to their loyalty and good sense of smell, the Growlithe were raised and trained in the Pokémon world to become police dogs.

2 Arcanine

Of course, most of Growlithe’s popularity comes from the strength of the fight with Arcanine.

Arcanine is the big dog of the lot, offering amazing offensive abilities and decent overall stats. And when he started he was one of the big names on the competition scene.

Not only are they official police dogs in the Pokémon Universe, but they are often known as soldiers who have participated in many wars over time.

1 Rockruf

Any combination of classic Japanese fox and spitz dog brings us Rockruff. This pup is absolutely adorable. I never thought he could rank anything higher than Growlithe, but he does.

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Rockruff is the type of pup I would like to capture. He may not be the most powerful dog (I know he isn’t) in all of the games. But we are forced to classify it here only for its appearance, style, and novelty.