The month of September is already beginning and summer is ending in the northern hemisphere 2020 is entering its home stretch. But it doesn’t do it alone, September is loaded with new apps and games for iPhone and iPad that you must check out. Hundreds of apps hit the App Store every day, but we we select the best and present them to you in a list it is really worth it.

Every weekend we will update this article with the news that arrives during the week so you can find the best games and apps for iPhone and iPad that have reached the Apple Store.

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New games of the week on the App Store

Voiture Stunts Climb 3D

Car Climb Stunt 3D: Stunt is a racing game in which you have to climb the track between two mountains with your car, which has realistic driving dynamics.


Enjoy a busy vacation in a parallel universe set in the 60s. sci-fi mystery adventure with handcrafted scenes. Imagine spending a vacation in Europe in the late 1960s. Now imagine you are a young American scientist: Hans Tannhauser. While we’re here, think of Trüberbrook. Think about all of this because somehow you managed to end up there as soon as you arrived on the mainland. But what difference does it make? The trip has been awarded to you in a draw! Instead of resting, you might end up having to worry about details like saving the world …

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VIP Guard

It’s time to turn on close protection mode and become a master of security. In this challenging, yet amazing and fun game, you will have to use all your skills.

Training master

Anyway, … get up, run, walk, raise the bar, because only practice makes perfect. The championship belongs only to the most determined!

New apps of the week on the App Store

Klever App – Crypto Wallet

The Klever app is a simple, secure and decentralized p2p crypto wallet for Bitcoin (BTC), TRON (TRX), Ethereum (ETH) and other currencies, tokens and assets of major cryptocurrencies.

Photo editing – Overlay

RETOUCH is the best app to remove background, paint your face with our latest technology and an updated filter library. It makes removing blemishes, like removing pimples, wrinkles and skin easier than ever. Anyone can easily retouch their photos using the most high-tech features to remove background, acne, people and whatever else you want with just one touch.

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Shortcut icon +

With this app you can create icons and install them on your phone home screen, if you don’t like these annoying app icons, please change them and make your device more special!

These were the more interesting apps and games so far in September, be sure to come back next week to see the new updated list with those coming out next week.

Source : Techradar