November begins and it is loaded with new applications and games. Every day dozens of news arrive on the App Store of the iPhone and iPad, and it is difficult to keep track of them. Thats why we we select the best new apps and games and we bring them to you week by week.

The best apps and games of the month on the App Store

Apps and games are the heart of iPhones, bring a lot of value and entertainment, in most cases free. Here you have a list updated every week with the best news.

New games from the last week on the App Store

Fruit ninja 2

Fruit Ninja is one of the funniest games of all time. Come and enjoy the new game in the Fruitasia universe! Prepare the knife blade! The action game of slicing fruit that everyone loves is back with new minigames and real-time challenges.

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XCOM 2 Collection

The aliens rule the planet; they have promised a bright future for those who support them and silence dissidents. XCOM forces are gathering on the edge of the world to defend humanity, initiate global resistance, and take back the planet.

Immortal: Reborn

The world fell into darkness and the gods lost their power after a fight centuries ago. And you will embark on an adventure as a mortal to regain the light.

Evolution race

Evolution Race is a multi-level mobile running game in which you you must mark the path of evolution on its correct course.

Magatsu Wahrheit

A JRPG online in real time with epic scenery. A high tension adventure in search of the truth behind the Mysterious LIGHT.

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New apps from the last week on the App Store

Icon Changer – Icon Themer App

Icon Changer is an application that allows you create a new icon and install it on your phone’s home screenIf you don’t like those boring app icons, please change them and make your device more special.

Live Wallpapers 4K by LIWE

Tired of always using the same wallpapers? Download Live Wallpaper 4K Maker LIWE and unleash your creativity by creating your own custom wallpapersEither using our amazing templates or creating your own custom live wallpapers from your own videos.

Scanner: Vegans and Vegetarians

Discover the products that are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Also check the V&V score to understand how healthy the product is. Scan the barcode of the products to know the V&V Score. The higher the better.

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These have been the best apps and games that have arrived in recent days, if you liked them, do not forget to review all the news that arrived in October on the App Store.

Source : Techradar