Every month, hundreds of apps and games hit the App Store and from all the new stuff, we pick the best and bring them to you week after week. he iPhone and iPad are the perfect devices not to get bored at the moment we spend more time at home.

Every weekend we will update this entry so you can find The best games and apps for iPhone and iPad that hit the Apple Store in recent weeks. Do not miss them, you are sure to have a good time with all these new features for iPhone and iPad.

New games from last week on the app store

Perfect Kick 2

Come play that fun free kick game against players around the world in less than three minutes. Upgrade your stadium, unlock unique gear teams and power-ups, and make a name for yourself in the Hall of Fame for the Stars.

Laserbreak 3

Use dozens of amazing physical objects together to clear the way for lasers to hit targets. With lasers, portals, fire, mud, magnets, ice, wood, tnt, glass and more, you’ll have to think carefully about your next move to solve super-challenging puzzles.

Pokémon Café Mix

Pokémon Café Mix is a unique puzzle game In which players must take a cafeteria dedicated to serving delicious food to Pokémon. Form chains with the Pokémon tiles to complete the puzzles to prepare delicious recipes that you will serve to your Pokémon customers. Have them take an unforgettable souvenir from your cafeteria.

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Crash Race.io

Crash Race.io is a fun and racing game in which you have to crash all the cars to win the race. Compete against other cars to get coins and buy more vehicles.

New apps from the last week in the App Store

Tasks: smart lists and reminders

Tasks do not always have binary states, not necessarily just “To Do” or “Done”You may be working on them right now or a review is underway. Modern task managers are just digital to-do lists, but their modern life isn’t all that binary. This is where this app can increase your productivity,

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FotoLab-Fancy photo editor

FotoLab is an inspiring app for everyone, and we offer a talent gallery to share works of art and joy in our lives. Know what kind of animal you are, light up your selfie a cartoon style image, get a selective collection of creative wallpapers, treat hair with stylish colors, achieve perfection with your photos.

Suntime – Sun Moon Timeline

The Suntime is a chronologie interactive that connects you to the cycles of the Earth, Sun and Moon. Explore space and time with the touch of a finger. Observe the patterns of the sun, moon and planets from your location. Customize alarms for solar and lunar events. Predict sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset, eclipses, solstices, equinoxes and moon phases and much more.

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New games from the third week of June on the App Store

Tiny Kingdom

Raise a massive army and storm of enemy castles. Buy and upgrade your soldiers, then deploy them at the right time on the battlefield to achieve victory.

Dragon Idle Adventure

Write your own story in a magical land full of dragons, fantasy and adventure. Touch to earn cute dragons and travel to charming cities in this adventure. Cast the right spells to meet the legendary dragons who will help you in your quest. Harness the power of the village magician to unlock new magical realms

Pin Pull

A puzzle game where you have to correctly choose the keys you need to open to move around the stage avoiding obstacles until the end of your mission.

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StoneAge World

Immerse yourself in a prehistoric world full of dinosaur pets. Prepare to capture rare prehistoric animals and make your way to Tectonika to stop the emergence of machine life.

Stack Blocks 3D

It’s time to wake up your brain and speed up this challenge. In Stack Blocks 3D you have to fill the empty squares with colorful blocks. This is done by stacking them in the right direction. It starts out easy but it gets more difficult as you gain level after level.

New apps for the third week of June on the App Store


Pastel is an application for developers and amateur artists (like us!) That allows you create a library of color palettes to use in your projects.

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Fonts ++ for iPhone

Fonts provide a variety of fonts interesting to use. We have developed two parts: the application and the keyboard to meet different user habits.

Glitterr – Glitter Effects

Easily edit photos exactly as you dreamed it before. Turn your real images into fantasy in seconds.

New games from the third week of June on the App Store

Puzzle Blast – Break & collect

Play a exciting puzzle game to relax your brain. Select the puzzle pieces by simply pressing or dragging them to reveal the art hidden in the picture. Simple and easy to learn, with rich visual effects, different levels and addicting puzzles.

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Hills of Steel 2

The one who is surely the the most addicting tank game Return to the fray with real-time 3v3 multiplayer combat.

Prison Empire Tycoon – Sim Game

Start in a low security prison and work hard to build your reputation. Improve every detail and transform your modest prison into a high security prison with the most dangerous inmates under control. Manage the needs of your facilities and make the appropriate decisions to grow your business without internal conflicts. Expand the patio, customize the administrative service, provide security equipment for the guards, even improve cell ventilation. Every little detail will affect your penitentiary. Invest your idle money wisely.

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Hyper hotel

Welcome to Hyper Hotel. You are in charge of this beautiful paradise. Manage rooms, check in guestsand keep the establishment clean and perfect. Do whatever it takes to keep your guests happy.

New apps for the third week of June on the App Store

Photoshop Camera

An application that we have already analyzed and that we can define as definitive camera app. It has artificial intelligence to enhance your photos without you having to do anything, and with many spectacular filters.

TikMak-Movie Maker & Editor

TikMak is a free filmmaker with awesome effects and transitions. TikMak is also the # 1 video editing option for beginners who want to create cool videos in minutes; With its sophisticated high technology, you can create your own funny and personalized videos with just one click.

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Calculator # 1 for iPad

The iPad does not have a calculator app, the decision has its reasons, but you can download many App Store calculator apps, this is one of the most recent arrivals.

New games from the second week of June on the App Store

Braindom: difficult puzzle

Braindom: difficult puzzle have many trivial questions to increase your intellectual capacity. The perfect combination of knowledge and creativity, exercise your mind with the Triple Equalizer Test, IQ and Stunned Challenge.

Automotive Industry Tycoon

Build your automotive empire, collect money and hire new workers. You can create many types of auto parts by updating the machines in your auto factory. Improve parking to attract more workers and grow your automotive business.

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Hellcopter is a new 3d shooter. Get on a helicopter and take on a deadly mission! Lock and load your machine gun, aim and pull the trigger. Try this helicopter simulator and destroy all the criminals who occupied the building.

Gridi Islands

We welcome you gridis world. A world of small islands inhabited by even smaller fleas and eccentric beings called gridis. Place grids on the islands and watch the fleas start to jump from side to side and earn money! Use it to buy more grids to attract more fleas.

3d cooking games

Slice! Short! AND TAKE THE KITCHEN! Ready to cook ?! Hope you are hungry! ¡TIME to make food! I’m hungry! We have bittersweet games waiting for you to COOK! MIX and CUT your way through these DELICIOUS games! Do you have room for dessert? Play now in French! Do you eat now Chew everything!

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New apps for the second week of June on the App Store

Pocket Pics-Photo Editor

Slimming face and skin beauty, you can look good with just one click and easily get the secret of selfie. Super textured scene filters, selfies? Food? street? natural landscape? Various scenes satisfy them all! More modern hair color, aging effects, etc. You choose

NoxLucky – 4K Live Wallpaper

NoxLucky will help you explore free wallpapers and allows you to use live wallpapers on your iPhone, also import short videos from TikTok or Instagram to make it your call show or background. You can find huge HD and live wallpapers covering popular categories like Cool Anime, Top Games, Hot Celebrities, Cute Animals, Trending Movies, Spectacular Nature, and you can quickly search for your favorite content.

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Beauty Boost

Do you want your selfies to look like a magazine? Beauty Boost offers you photo editing tools They are easy to use for smoothing skin, removing wrinkles and pimples, resizing body parts, whitening teeth, adjusting skin tone, changing hair and eye color, applying makeup, adding filters and more .

TikMagic – Flash loves effects

Everybody can create amazing music videos with this app. Bring your photos to life easily with videos. Various video effects are just a click away. Surprise your friends and enjoy the endless fun of creation.

These are all News that arrived on the App Store in JuneBe sure to come back next week to review all the news that will arrive in the next 7 days. Also, don’t forget to check out the new apps and games that arrived in May, you will surely find a lot that you like.

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