The Best Way to Play Blue Archive on PC.

Are you waiting for a global English release from the Blue Archive? And now the waiting is over. There is a grand opening happening for the game since it is releasing on November 08 2021. Players from worldwide will take the opportunity to lay this latest mobile game brought to you by Nexon. With millions of pre-registered scores, everyone in the game is getting extra pre-registration gifts with the launch of Blue Archive.

This is a mobile gacha game where there is a mish-mash from schoolgirls and the military combats. The game Blue Archive will have a role centred on a school club advisor named Federal Investigation Club, and here we are expecting to see a game as a typical anime drama with romance. And for the occasions, the game will be added with some military operations as well.


The Best Way to Play Blue Archive on PC

The game has a pretty and cleaned gameplay with it, and some cute girls are crossing the spectrum of social standards of the beauty beyond and endowed. A UI will consist of some futuristic elements, and it shows more similarities to the Arknights. Since there are many character collectors, players can find a girl as they would like.

These girls are fully 2D animated, and there are subtle and blinking movements with them. But remember that they are not Live2D. When these girls are on the battlefield, they will be rendered with some cute chibi spirits known to be the game’s enemies.

The Best Way to Play Blue Archive on PC

Once you get to the game, your team will be made from two special units and four strike units. They have got various weapon types with a preferred terrain. The character girls will pack their own skills with a cost, and using these characters are more like a card game.

Multiple enemies are there in the game where you have to face battles on Blue Archive. So there are different firearms to be used on different enemies. In addition to the combats, players can bond with Blue Archive’s girls, and animated CGs also be gained. There is a gacha system coming with the Blue Archive, and through that, you will be able to dive for the best rarity characters.

The Best Way to Play Blue Archive on PC

How Can We Play Blue Archive on PC?

Blue Archive is a gacha game, and it has a battleground to deal with enemies. Usually, a mobile device will come with limited features as it has some low capabilities than a PC. When it comes to a PC with gaming, possibilities are endless, and every occasion can be converted into an advantageous situation in the game.  

The Best Way to Play Blue Archive on PC

Let’s talk about Blue Archive. Will it be easy to deal with a fight on your mobile only by using a touch screen? And can you see every element in the game with that tiny screen, and is it not easy to have a keyboard setting to control your character? You are going to need a PC for gaming on this matter. A PC is a much better device than mobile when it comes to gaming since it offers you a keyboard with a wider screen to enjoy every moment of the game into max.

When Blue Archive is on a PC, it has a keyboard to control the movements, and it will be supported by a mouse as well. So two tasks can be performed at one time. But remember that you can’t play Blue Archive on your computer by just installing it. You can’t install mobile apps on a PC. That is why there is an emulator.

Emulators support desktop and laptop devices to run mobile apps on those devices by running an Android operating system separately at the Windows operating system. Here your gaming will be much more advanced than playing it on a PC. LDPlayer, NoxPlayer, Bluestacks, etc., are the different types of emulators we see on the gaming market. But in here, our recommendation goes LDPlayer.

The Best Way to Play Blue Archive on PC

How to Play Blue Archive on PC with LDPlayer?

There are several steps to get a better gaming experience as follows.

  • Download the LDPlayer and install it on to your computers first
  • After the installation, search from the LD Store’s search bar on your game name
  • After you find Blue Archive, download it from your LDPlayer and have an installation
  • Then it is time to enjoy the next level gaming with LDPlayer for Blue Archive

Why Choose LDPlayer?

The Best Way to Play Blue Archive on PC

LDPlayer has many tools and features to ease gaming than others. First of all, this game is a gacha game and has a rerolling system on it to obtain its most powerful characters. So a normal reroll will be a headache for you since it takes a lot of time and does not guarantee you to give you the character expected.

LDPlayer’s Multi-Instance Sync Feature will solve this case as it allows you to have different instances of the same game simultaneously.

The Keyboard Mapping Feature will allow you to create a unique key control setting and take the maximum effectiveness from a battle. There is no need to have extra practice with the default key settings and make it on your own with LDPlayer.

Besides these, LDPlayer is a trusted source to choose from, and it is free for the games. So there are no reasons to think twice about choosing LDPlayer to play your Blue Archive game.

The Best Way to Play Blue Archive on PC


As the date has already arrived, it is time for you to have a play of Blue Archive from LDPlayer. Take your best chance and enjoy the best gaming through LDPlayer.

The Best Way to Play Blue Archive on PC