After a testing period that began in the United States and South Korea, the beta with One UI 3.0 and Android 11 landed in Europe starting with Germany. And currently beta number 3 is operational: the first European Samsung Galaxy Note 20 can now sign up from the Samsung Members application.

Not much left for Samsung releases the next stable update with Android 11 to its Galaxy phones, we have known a list of 90 phones that, according to the leak, would receive the honeys of new software versions later or earlier. One UI 3.0 is an important refreshment, so Samsung has started with its most powerful and modern mobiles: the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Samsung Galaxy Note 20. Both have the betas available in various territories of the world, including Europe. And beta number 3 has just been released.

Beta 3 with One UI 3.0 and Android 11 now available in Germany

At the moment the expansion does not reach too many countries since there are many that are left out, such as Spain. The usual thing is that we enter with the beta 3 of the operating systemThis has happened on previous occasions; So we must not lose hope that the Spanish Samsung Galaxy Note 20, both the ‘normal’ and the Ultra models, will soon see the beta entry in the Samsung members application.

As detailed by SamMobile, the latest beta of One UI 3.0 and Android 11 has already been rolled out in India and Germany. It is a version that corrects numerous errors found, it also improves the stability of the devices. It does not reach the GB of weight, updates the mobiles with the November security patch (Samsung has already delivered this patch to the Note 20 with One UI 2.5) and maintains the advantages received with the latest version of Android and the layer.

We remain hopeful that Samsung will open the beta to more countries now that the testing period has reached version three both in the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 and in the Galaxy S20. To verify if you have access to the beta, you must open the Samsung Members application: the moment it is activated a notice will appear to sign up directly from that application.