The biggest prize draw in the history of PlayIT has started!.

You can apply for valuable prizes every week with your Xbox One PlayIT Show Budapest ticket, and you can even be the editor of SamaGame magazine for a month. Yes, you will tell us what is in the game world.

Tickets for the Xbox One PlayIT Show Budapest are already available, and now it is more important than any previous year to get advance tickets quickly, and a lottery will be drawn weekly among customers until the event. An Xbox One S console has already been taken away, but the organizers still have a lot of percussive gifts in store. Not incidentally, even an honorary member of the SamaGame editorial board can be a winner. That is, now you can say everything about everything not only in a comment, but officially, with a face, a name, in print, echoing forever. But we will write about this in more detail soon, because it will be a lot of fun.

The biggest prize draw in the history of PlayIT has started!

Brutal prizes

The organizers of the PlayIT Show have already provided fans with a number of prize games, but their initiative now goes beyond anything. Buyers of advance tickets only need to register their tickets by clicking on, and they have already created the opportunity to pocket valuable gifts every week.

It’s not a big challenge, we’re all going to PlayIT anyway, so it’s worth taking the opportunity.

The biggest prize draw in the history of PlayIT has started!

The draw takes place on Tuesdays every week, and you can get into the imaginary hat more than once, depending on the type of ticket. For example, a Collector’s two-day ticket is worth ten times the multiplier, you can read more about it by clicking here on the official PlayIT website. It’s not too complicated math, it can be understood, and it’s worth a big hunt if you’ve planned to be a VIP at the event anyway.

Something is a delicacy every week, but it’s worth kneading for GS membership

The first draw took place yesterday, with ten lucky winners thrown out. One of them may have taken home an Xbox One S console. In the coming weeks, there will still be plenty of goodness to win in the draws, such as an annual SamaGame and PC World subscription, and even someone with honorable editorial status in two weeks. Don’t worry, it’s not that Chicken has permanently dedicated its life to ragdoll kittens, or that Paca has stepped down to form an alternative rock band, everyone stays in their own position, we’ll only include the lucky PlayIT guest on the team for a month.

The biggest prize draw in the history of PlayIT has started!

We don’t have to be scared, we won’t test the worse half of the work on it. Or to you if you’re the lucky one.

The winner of the honorary editorial title will be featured in the next SamaGame magazine with a photo, plus next to Mocsy, he can open the page and answer the current question in the Meet The Team section.

The biggest prize draw in the history of PlayIT has started!

You can add your own dissent to several tests (we need to write at least less), all of which can be featured in a roundtable video with us, or take part in the next SamaGame Wars tournament – yes, we haven’t forgotten this editorial competition, new parts will come in the future. Of course, we can’t promise that Kaci won’t cheat in this little race, but you know exactly what kind of guy she is.

I would buy a ticket now!

So head on to buy your ticket, as the sooner you buy and register your ticket, the more draws you will have with it. And in the fall, we’ll meet you at the biggest Xbox One PlayIT Show of all time, about which info will be leaking soon, your eyes won’t stay dry. In short, that would be it, we’ve finished word-of-mouth, let’s buy tickets, be an honorary SamaGame member, bag a lot of loots.

Xbox One PlayIT Show Budapest

Time: November 18-19, 2017, 10: 00-19: 00
Venue: Hungexpo, Albertirsai út 10., Budapest, 1101
Facebook event: Indicate here that you are coming!
Facebook page: The official site of the PlayIT Show

The biggest prize draw in the history of PlayIT has started!

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