It seemed like it was never going to happen to this day, but it finally happened: the 737 MAX completed its first test flight after more than a year without permission to fly around the world. And that ban is still in place for now, but this first test flight will be used to regain certification and resume.

According to Reuters, in the last few hours Boeing Flight 701 took off from King County International Airport near Seattle. As we can see on FlightRadar24, after two hours and three minutes in the air, the plane landed at Moses Lake, another airport in Washington State in the United States.

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On that first flight, several pilots as well as US FAA agents tested the aircraft to see that the changes made in recent months allow the aircraft to perform properly. Now is the time to analyze the flight data in detail and perform more flight tests in the coming weeks.

Itinerary of the Boeing 737 MAX according to data from FlightRadar24.

Although Boeing carried out the first flight tests of the 737 MAX after the incidents last year, there is still time for us to review them commercially exploit. It is estimated that at least until September, all necessary tests and verifications will be carried out as long as the US FAA or European EASA approves the return certification.

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The complicated way to get here

The last 15 months They have certainly been hectic for Boeing. It all started in March 2019 when two fatal accidents in less than five months triggered all alarms. Government agencies immediately immobilized him. From there, the investigations started and the errors started to happen. The first of the software was aimed at being the cause of the tragedies, then another was found and even a third error. They even had to change all the electrical wiring.


During this time, there were some extravagant situations like seeing several Boeing 737 MAXs parked in parking lots. They also had to stop production of the aircraft earlier in the year and just a month ago they resumed production.

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The 737 MAX incident caused Boeing’s biggest crisis in over a hundred years of history the company. The loss of income linked to the loss of its flagship aircraft shook the American manufacturer. Now it looks like everything will be back to normal.

Source : Engadget