He was one of the most sophisticated pirates in the gaming world. He looted and plundered the world’s seven torrent sites, docked at Pirate Bay, and celebrated roaring download orgies. However, in an epic battle, he was ultimately captured by the crown and sentenced to death with endless payouts.

But then he was given a second chance. With a consignment note of more than 50 euros, he now has to navigate every month to discounters, game stores and the Internet for cheap prey. He faces dangerous adventures, attends midnight occult openings, and challenges dark neighborhoods, always on the hunt for the best games for as little as eight coins. He’s the “budget tar”!

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Budget logbook, Nonis Aprilis MMIX, 4 glasses of the 3rd watch

In a dark tavern, we heard rumors of a new star in the sky of Berlin’s Alexanderplatz and immediately set sail. These were dangerous cliffs, marked by dark construction signs that had to be circled before they discovered the well-hidden entrance to the safe harbor. Unfortunately, we are not the only ones who encountered this and had to turn around. We anchored offside in a small bay and threw ourselves through the thicket of barriers. After an intense ascent over two floors without an elevator, we have reached the well-hidden bargain treasure. Aaarrrh, first prey!

« Eragon » / Stormfront Studios / Xbox 360/5 euros

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Eragon – don’t be fooled. Sometimes it looks good, but that’s it.

Well, maybe it’s just a movie implementation and a little disappointing, but 5 euros for an Xbox 360 game… how bad can that be? Unfortunately, not bad, as it turned out quickly.

The pretty appealing look and classy film soundtrack tempt you to believe that this could be a funny fantasy drummer, but it doesn’t even take until the end of day one before you realize you’re very much out of it. Ease with a few simple attacks and combos can blow up anything in the way of your young Dragon Rider. These attacks are so powerful that there is no need to introduce new ones. And therefore, the game remains so. And at times, it is even enough to take your legs in your hand, rush and escape the cruel dullness of the fight.

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If you are a fan of the LOTR / Star Wars scam Eragon and play this out in the hopes of learning more about the characters here, accompanying them on the little side paths the movie skipped, or seeing something at least vaguely interesting, you too will be disappointed. Like everyone. Take the five and buy the second AD&D movie. It’s not better, but at least unintentionally funny and much shorter.

Motorstorm / Evolution Studios / PS3 / 20 euros

Someone must Engine storm let. It doesn’t look like a launch title. Even after the appearance of the successor Pacific Rift wild action races traverse deserts and rocky valleys don’t have to hide. And it still crashes. Even though after the intro with his spokesperson from Conan, I felt more like a fantastic massacre than a runner.

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In terms of the game, however, it’s a crossover of male macho-a-mano and engine haze anyway. You first choose your weapon – motorcycle, buggy or pickup – then you find that you have chosen the wrong one. Whatever the pedestal, the first hour Engine storm hurts you, dive into the abyss and slide against the rocks. Then you get the extreme driving behavior under control and the fun curves soar significantly.

Single-player mode should keep you occupied for a while after these key experiences. This is ensured by the extremely aggressive AI, and only the non-overwhelming number of routes brings a bit of monotony.

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