Search by antitrust concerns mainly related to the App Store have generated a chain effect for Apple. After several controversial episodes generated, by the official statement of Tim Cook, before the authorities of the Judicial Committee of the House of the United States, or by the harsh words of the CEO of Telegram, a new statement fuels the complaints against the store. Applications.

Like representatives of other companies with applications available on the App Store, Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney has made comments criticizing Apple and alleging the company is imposing unfair terms on developers.

Follow the discontent on app store policies

As Tim Sweeney said in an interview with Bloomberg, on several occasions his company tried to contact Apple to negotiate the App Store subscription model, but the company refused all requests. As well claims Epic Games contacted Apple to ask about the possibility of launching the Epic Games Store on iOSBut Apple’s attorneys also sent a letter denying the request.

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“This is not an acceptable situation for a platform for a billion users. […] And you know these are bogus arguments. Their aim is to support unfair trade practices. “

When we approached him Google’s relationship with developersSweeney compared and said that while the company has similar practices with the Play Store, users can install apps from different sources on Android.

“Apple’s playground is the most uneven in the history of technology products”

The CEO of Epic Games also denounced that Apple imposes anti-competitive practices by not supporting applications that compete with other applications created by Apple.

“Apple’s playing field is the most uneven in the history of technology products. “

Despite complaints about service policies, the main criticism concerns the App Store pricing. Previously, Apple executed 30% of any transaction made in its own App Store system. After some developers accused Apple of anti-competitive practices, the company reduced its commission to 15% when the user pays for the annual subscription.

Faced with the accusations, Apple justified the tariffs as the percentage needed to maintain the platform. And according to the company’s CEO, Tim Cook, these are demands that Apple does not intend to give in.

Source : Techradar