The children need a scooter. Two options for summer.

The children need a scooter. Two options for summer

Wednesday, 3:00 p.m., friendly patio in Moscow. It’s sunny, everyone who isn’t working is walking. Absolutely all children with scooters.

The children need a scooter.  Two options for summer

It is not a unique story. Once the snow melts, the scooters take over the yards. It’s hard to be a kid without a scooter in that environment. Friends fly around the yard, and you sit on the bench and think: I want to do that too.

It’s too early for my son to get on a scooter, we have to wait at least another six months. But nothing prevents you from looking for options in advance. For now, I’m looking at the next two.

The children need a scooter.  Two options for summer

Come to think of it, only one of them is a traditional children’s scooter. The second, on the other hand, works differently.

Should kids buy scooters?

If you have pathways in your yard or near your home in a park, definitely yes.

The children need a scooter.  Two options for summer

First of all, they do. I LIKE. If you see any child driving a scooter, the doubts disappear. British scientists have found that a child with a scooter tends to walk longer, rummage with his mobile phone less and stare at the screen. Information 100%, parents will confirm.

Second, it’s… RELEASE. Close the front door, walk across the street to a yard or park. Look around you at the situation – and let yourself go. That’s it, you can enjoy the silence and almost free time while he or she makes the 31st turn around the venue. Hard? No, pragmatic. Parents have the right to rest.

The children need a scooter.  Two options for summer

Third, it is… SLEEP. When it’s hot, entire yards go on scooters. Children naturally gather in herds, riding in a race, getting to know each other more quickly and wanting to get outdoors every day at the first opportunity. The scooter itself is a good general interest.

Fourth, it is. teaches RESPONSIBILITY. The scooter will probably be the first of your child’s really great toys. And you will have to take care of it. Do not forget anything, wash it periodically, lubricate it every one to two months. He tries not to kill the wheels, if they are inflatable.

And fifth, it’s simple. AMAZING. If you’re going for a ride, get a scooter. You’re used to walking 10 miles a day, and kids often need a break after day 4, and generally “want to go home.” Save energy, fold easily, you can hang it on your backpack. And it weighs almost nothing.

The children need a scooter.  Two options for summer

In short, children need a scooter. And if your son/daughter is not more than 5 years old, get one of the two options.

Option 1: The Razor T3 three-wheeled children’s scooter

Scooter rides are great for developing a child’s physical and motor skills. On a bicycle the baby sits, it is not very useful. On a scooter, they are standing up and the load is more spread out.

Three-wheeled scooters are ideal for beginning “bikers.” It is recommended that you start with them: you do not need to know how to balance on three wheels.

The children need a scooter.  Two options for summer

The wheels of these scooters are inclined on a common axis. You have to lean to the side with a lot of force to fall. About 45 degrees, no less.

That is amazing: The Razor T3’s front strut mounts from two large wheels (up to 120mm!).

Another good thing about this scooter is the steering wheel. You can only spin a little, you can’t spin at speed and fall. Even four-wheel machines or longboards are not that reliable.

By riding a three-wheeled scooter, your child will understand the fundamentals of driving, which will also be useful for other personal transportation, such as skateboarding.

The children need a scooter.  Two options for summer

Officially T3 Razor It can be used from 2 years. But it cannot be said that the trike is exclusively child’s play. If you want it, it’s just as fast and fun to ride as a regular scooter.

From a purely technical point of view, the Razor T3 is the gold standard of scooter construction. It’s like an adult:

  • rear wing brake
  • Soft polyurethane wheels to smooth out bumps
  • RZR brand bearings (ABEC5) for better glide
  • Non-slip cover: the material, not the coating, does not come off

There are also some unknown solutions. For security the scooter does not have a folding systemand the handlebar is not height adjustable.

The children need a scooter.  Two options for summer

A colleague’s photo, my son is still too young
A non-folding scooter is more difficult to break. Given the weight of 2.3 kilograms, a child can carry it alone. It’s also good hand training and a way to teach the “If you like to ride, you like to pull the sled” rule.

One more thing: the handlebars are always 27 inches from the tire. The manufacturer recommends a scooter for children between 80 and 130 centimeters tall and weighing up to 20 kg.

Buy Razor T3 available in for 3990 rubles.

Option 2. Razor Mini Mod Electric Scooter for Kids

Razor also has something interesting for the little ones: a three-wheeled electric scooter. Mini Mod. Although recommended for ages 3 and up, this simple, comfortable and reliable scooter can be ridden by a two year old, if not a year and a half.

This thing is similar to a tricycle. With one important difference: it has an electric foot pedal.

You step on the pedal and start driving.

Photo of a colleague, you get the idea.

I’ll tell you up front. Razor Mini Mod ride slowly. It is the transportation of a child that a parent has to follow. The maximum speed of the scooter is exactly 3.5 kilometers per hour. It turns out that you walking at the same speed as that scooter. and you’re always in control.

The children need a scooter.  Two options for summer

For the same reason, the scooter is made of plastic and has no sharp corners. The wide polyurethane wheels help you overcome small bumps in the pavement. The steering wheel is rotatable, so you don’t have to help your child. It’s like a bike, only easier for parents: put your child on the scooter and you can ride for 40 minutes.

Tilt Unreal Mini Mod is fixed on all three wheels.

The center of gravity is exactly below the seat. There is a motor and a car lead battery. That’s why the scooter doesn’t fall. However, lead batteries have a couple more advantages:

  • easy to buy at the nearest car market
  • it is not afraid of moisture or impacts (or rather, it will not cause damage to it)
  • does not burn like lithium
  • easily replaceable, any 6v can be put in as long as it fits in the compartment
  • hassle-free charging
  • cheap

Yes, it is not a proper scooter. But it’s a cool toy that any two-year-old dreams of. There is practically nothing to break, and the child will feel as if he is riding a real motorcycle. And it will not affect your pocket.

The children need a scooter.  Two options for summer

Buy Razor Mini Mod you can get it for 6490 rub.

Which to choose? while i think

I personally have to choose a scooter for my son before August. And I still haven’t decided. For one, a trike is the obvious choice. Everybody rides one. Also, Razor has made a solid and reliable scooter. Not compared to the junk that is sold in children’s stores.

I, on the other hand, have wanted an electric scooter all my childhood, and it has never been more affordable. I’m sure my son would love it. It doesn’t go too fast, you can always catch up. But it’s a lot of fun.

Which one should I take? T3 knife. either minimod?

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