The coolest Mario merchandise – Mariology.

For the second part in her Super Mario Serial, Alie dives into the world of merchandise. Official Mario merchandise is of course a favorite, but don’t discount the creativity of fans. Our editor, for example, also went through countless pages on Etsy. But in the end only the coolest Mario merchandise remained.

In this feature you will find the coolest Super Mario merchandise. If you fall in love with one of the following pieces of merch, rest assured: you can have everything shipped to the Netherlands.

The coolest Mario merchandise – Mariology

Of course, a world famous and widely loved franchise like Mario has a lot of official merchandise. There are t-shirts, replicas, night lights, action figures and much, much more. In this feature you will find some of the coolest items from different stores. In addition, however, I also had an eye for the Mario merch that is made by the creatives on Etsy. Where else can you find x, x and x?

The choice of cool Mario merchandise is truly bizarre. Hereby only a selection of all the cool gadgets that I have encountered in my search totch.

The coolest Mario merchandise – Mariology

Mario 64 paintings

Mario 64 is my favorite Mario game. At the time I was genuinely enchanted by the magical world. Unfortunately, these paintings don’t really work as portals, but they are beautiful.

Question Mark Box Backpack

There are those merchandise items that you can purchase for any franchise. Including backpacks. However, I have never seen this cool specimen in the wild.

The coolest Mario merchandise – Mariology

Red Super Mario cap

You can recognize Mario by his cap. Or his dungarees … Or his mustache … But especially his cap. If you want to show your love for the Nintendo icon, this is the way to do it.

Chain Chomp desk lamp

As a copywriter, I spend at least eight hours a day at my desk. Next to my pc are piles of papers, books and stuff. But I think I want to create some space for this light.

The coolest Mario merchandise – Mariology

8-bit Mario watch

I have one thing for watches. Unfortunately, a Rolex is still a bit out of financial reach … Fortunately, this Mario copy is a lot better within my budget.

Level Up! Board game

I love board games. Unfortunately, in the field of merchandise, the offer often does not go beyond a Monopoly. However, Mario has a board game completely unknown to me!

Nineties comic collection

This Super Mario Adventures is a collection of the comics that originally appeared in Nintendo Power magazine.

The coolest Mario merchandise – Mariology

amiibo platform

I’m not a fanatic collector at all, but I find amiibo irresistible. At the moment, however, they are boring on my Ikea plan. How much nicer they are on this platform!

NES cartridge coasters

The eye wants something too. This certainly applies in the context of food and drink. The nicer it looks, the better it tastes. Can you imagine the effect of these coasters. That will make your cup of coffee even better!

Mario Kart LED bracelet

I’m like a magpie. I love everything that shimmers, shimmers and has lights. It is therefore not difficult to guess how pretty I think this LED bracelet with Rainbow Road image from Mario Kart.

The coolest Mario merchandise – Mariology

Upcycling with Mario

Dave Pollot buys up old paintings and adds scenes with our Nintendo icon. Suddenly there is a Fire Flower in a vase of flowers and a jar of Super Smash Bros. place above an idyllic mountain lake.

Wallet with dungarees

I’ve never seen such a hysterical wallet. This is such a typical case of: so wrong that it is good again. <3

Desecrated Xbox controller

What kind of sacrilege is this? And Xbox controller with Mario image? Something tells me this is not an official product …

Mario / Bowser Flag

Make your home your palace with this Mario and Bowser flag. Climb onto your roof and plant the flag firmly on top of your chimney. Or just hang it safely indoors. That is also allowed.

The coolest Mario merchandise – Mariology

Warp pipe flower pots

Flower pots in the shape of warp pipes. How do they come up with it? Or rather, why didn’t I come up with that? So simple, but so much fun.

Is there something for you? Do you know any cool additions? Or are you not really into (Mario) merchandise at all? Let me know about this and more in the comments!

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The coolest Mario merchandise – Mariology

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