Apex Legends wants to take advantage of the power of the new consoles to reach 120 fps on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Its developer has spoken on this subject.

Respawn Entertainment is very busy celebrating the second anniversary of Apex Legends, their upcoming release on Nintendo Switch and the launch of the eighth season of their hit battle royale, but it seems they have more plans for the future.

The arrival of PS5 and Xbox Series X offers new possibilities and technical improvements to games of the past generation. This is the case of EA’s battle royale and is that Apex Legends could benefit from a better frame rate, reaching up to 120 on these platforms.

Respawn has dropped this topic in an AMA made on Reddit. Several forum users asked Steven Ferreira, director of the study team, if Apex Legends would take advantage of the power of the new consoles and it seems that the creators of Titanfall are already shuffling it.

120 FPS is one of our goals And as we continue to look at the characteristics of the generation and the balance between what we believe is best for the overall player experience for this generation, we will take that into account, the manager acknowledged. I can’t promise anything but with the feel of the Apex core mechanic being such an important piece of the player experience, This is one of the top priorities.

So it seems like a worth considering option. Little by little, the games and studios have been updated with different improvements to PS5 and Xbox Series X. Fortnite already did and as one of its great rivals, Apex Legends would improve the quality of its confrontations with this measure, which especially stands out in shooters.

We will not lose details of the possible improvements that the battle royale introduces for the new generation. Remember that Apex Legends will finally be released on Nintendo Switch in March. Did you know that Apex Legends has generated a billion dollars in two years and that mobile editions are already on the way?