The creators of the popular fighting apologize for a stupid joke with Cyberpunk 2077.

The delay of Cyberpunk 2077 caused quite a stir in the industry, especially in the context of reports about the backstage of production. Of course, the Internet wouldn’t be the Internet if its users didn’t make fun of every possible situation. It is no different this time, but one such prankster thought he had gone too far. We are talking about the creators of the popular series of Guilty Gear fights. Arc System Works Studio apologized for an “inappropriate” Twitter post with a modified version of the announcement pattern used by CD Projekt RED. The graphics have been removed, although it has managed to capture it a few surfers.

The apology may come as a surprise because the joke – though not of the highest caliber – does not seem particularly offensive. One might even suspect that this is due to external pressure. Only that somehow other studios do not reproach the identical parodies of the announcement of Cyberpunk 2077, for example the creators of PayDay 2 and World of Warships. Some suspected that the Arc System Works team found it “inappropriate” to mock the situation that resulted in death threats against the creators and provided them with weeks of intensive work.

HiFight from Twitter could be the real cause. Well, the picture was to be criticized by the Japanese media and internet users. They pointed out to the Arc System Works studio that it somehow cannot meet the release date. Guilty Gear: Strive was supposed to debut this year, but eventually the creators postponed the release date to April 2021 due to the disastrous state of the network waiting room system. In this context, making fun of Cyberpunk 2077, which – at least for now – suffered “only” a three-week delay (excluding earlier slips) due to its operation on current generation consoles, seems a bit out of place.

The creators of the popular fighting apologize for a stupid joke with Cyberpunk 2077

The creators of Guilty Gear making fun of the delay of another game and apologizing for an “inappropriate” entry is a great joke for some fans.

Not all Arc System Works fans appreciated this apology. Some of them consider them unnecessary, and many blame the studio for not making a similar gesture when they previously posted other “inappropriate” entries, for example, strongly sexualizing the characters from the Japanese developer games. There were also those according to which this entry is also a joke, allegedly referring to the deleted tweet promoting the mobile title of SNK and its apologetic reply. However, it seems unlikely, since Arc System Works has removed the previously posted parody of the CD Projekt RED announcement.

The creators of the popular fighting apologize for a stupid joke with Cyberpunk 2077
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