The creators of the Van Helsing series announced the game a la XCOM.


  • The NeocoreGames studio announced King Arthur: Knight’s Tale, a tactical RPG aimed at PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X / S;
  • the title is to debut in early 2021, and will allow us to play the role of Mordred, whose task will be to save Avalon from the demonic king Arthur;
  • Currently, there is a fundraising process on the Kickstarter website, the aim of which is to raise slightly over PLN 500,000.
  • NeocoreGames studio, known mainly for The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing series and Warhammer 40.000: Inquisitor – Martyr, presented their next work to the world. I am talking about a tactical RPG game, which is another part of the series launched in 2009 King Arthur, entitled King Arthur: Knight’s Tale. A position that evokes associations with the modern installments of the cycleXCOM, will debut on personal computers in early 2021; later it will also go to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.

    The developers have started fundraising on the Kickstarter website, the goal of which is to get PLN 567 207. Due to the fact that the decision was driven primarily by the desire to gather a fan community around the project, and only then – to raise funds for additional game elements (via SamaGame) – the production will be released regardless of the outcome of the crowdfunding campaign.

    The creators of the Van Helsing series announced the game a la XCOM

    Before we get into the content of this project, let’s take a look at its first trailer.

    The main character of the game King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will be Mordred, who managed to kill King Arthur, but also took the death blow from him. The ruler was transferred to Avalon by the Lady of the Lake, and the pain consuming him after losing his life so far changed him beyond recognition. The king led the dark army and began to subjugate Avalon, making it a land of nightmares. So the Lady of the Lake decided to bring back to life Mordred as well, on whose hands she placed the task of dealing with Arthur once and for all … or what he had become after his trip to Avalon.

    The creators of the Van Helsing series announced the game a la XCOM

    King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will give us a vast map, for which seven warring factions will fight. There are over fifty potentially interesting points; among them, the main ones will be story missions and side missions taking us to various places, such as dense forests, gloomy swamps or dungeons bathed in darkness. In addition, our shoulders will be responsible for the expansion of Camelot Castle, which is our command center and base. We will be improving the fortress by erecting various structures within it that unlock various improvements.

    Our opponents will often be interrupted in the implementation of tasks – from standard ones, which are to be over fifty types, to ten bosses. We will deal with them in turn-based skirmishes. During the clashes, it will be necessary to show tactical sense, proper placement of units and use of their individual abilities. For Mordred will not be condemned to a lonely journey; during the game he will be joined by over thirty heroes representing five professionswhich you can develop as you progress, unlocking new useful abilities for them.

    The creators of the Van Helsing series announced the game a la XCOM

    In addition to taking them on your own missions, you will also be able to send fighters to carry out individual tasks. However, it will not be easy, because the heroes will be able to die (permanently) or suffer severe wounds, the treatment of which is to be time-consuming. Besides, their loyalty will not be certain – our deeds will be constantly watched by them, and if we clearly hit them, they will even be able to stand on the other side of the barricade. The same should apply to their relations with other members of our team, so conflicts between them will be common here. The choices we make will also affect the plot and the final shape that Avalon will take.

    Finally, it is worth adding that the developers announce an extensive endgame phase. Completing the main storyline of King Arthur: Knight’s Tale will unlock access to various challenges, such as random tasks or battles with powerful bosses. If we manage them, in return we will get access to valuable rewards.

    The creators of the Van Helsing series announced the game a la XCOM
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