Publisher Nintendo and developers from the studio Game freak announced that the addition The crown tundra for Pokemon sword and Pokemon shield will be released on October 23rd.

As a reminder, the expansion will only be available as part of the Season Pass, which also includes the expansion The isle of armor… Each version of the game received its own Season Pass.

In addition, Nintendo has announced that it will release physical bundles containing the Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield and their respective Season Passes on a single cartridge. The sets will be released on November 6.

In The Crown Tundra, players will find a new snow region, Dynamax Adventures, the return of legendary Pokémon from past games (some of which will only be available in Sword or Shield with the corresponding season ticket), Galar Star Tournament and the new Ability Patch item.

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More information about the innovations of The Crown Tundra can be found here.

Source : Game Informer