The video game world was at the end of May, preparing the ground for an E3 that would star The Last of Us or Watch Dogs. Along with them would be the long-awaited return of the saga Halo with his fourth installment.

And in that environment, with the usual buzz of rumors, gossip and leaks, one of the most surreal videos in history came to the network of networks: the multiplayer of Halo 4 with worst quality and in the worst conditions imaginable.

Hello 4 Nda

In diapers leaves blurry photos of any presentation taken with the camera of a Nokia of the Pleistocene, or videos with gameplay recorded with quality 360p 10 meters from the screen.

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No folks here is someone recording how to place one VHS tape on a tube TV and how the footage shows part of the Halo 4 beta. And not in any place, beware, in something closer to a farm, barn, pigsty or similar. Absolutely insane.

Unfortunately the original video was lost in a more than likely lawsuit for Microsoft, which soon after came out to confirm that, indeed, the video was the recording of an internal test of the game.

So now you know, the next time footage or a blurry photo of your favorite game leaks, remember this moment and be thankful for the image quality you’ve come across. And if despite this you are still not happy, think that at least it is not Halo video on a farm.

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Source : Gadgetsnow