In the Hunt is one of the quintessential classics from veteran studio Irem. One of the best video games released in 1993. A Arcadien pure strain distinguished by its Pixel art care down to the smallest detail and to offer a touch of freshness to the genre of kill them, far from typical ships.

It must be remembered that the designer Kazuma Kujo and part of the study that would form years later Nazca Corporation was involved in this work. to develop the Metal Slug saga. Therefore, we are not surprised that in mid-2000, a tribute from the “deepest” to Arcadien of submarines.

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GunForce, In the Hunt and all that followed

In the hunt

First of all, you need to get into your range. As we remember long ago when talking about the Japanese study Irem, the Metal Slug seed was produced in 1991, with the birth of the first GunForce by this team. A run & gun manual, with some of the elements that Nazca would reproduce in 1996.

To be more precise, the real evolution would take place between GunForce II and Metal Slug, two years apart. And this other 1994 Irem classic would (literally) inherit a lot of enemy and weapon sounds (plots), in addition to a similar graphic style, as well as demeanor when it comes to controlling. the soldier. And yes, people had to be rescued, which in this case were girls tied to a stick. The first GunForce actually looked like a Contra.

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This transition is still curious, because In the hunt would be the intermediate point between the two styles, definitely establishing the look that the later work of Nazca Corporation would end up having three years later at SNK.

This 1996 Metal Slug was a before and after for the genre, in turn creating an endless number of clones who tried unsuccessfully to replicate the perfected style of this new studio that would eventually join its name to that of SNK in the glorious years since the mid-nineties. Because today, the term is not conceivable run & gun without the names of Metal Slug or Konami Contra coming out, despite classics like Gunstar Heroes or Midnight Wanderers.

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Metal Slug 3 and the clear homage of the first level

Metal Slug 3

Back to Metal Slug 3, one of the novelties it introduced in 2000 was the possibility of choose different routes for each phase. In the first, for example, we could go for a path upstairs full of bugs through a jungle until we ended up on a boat (releasing the tempera when we hit the edge, hehe), or we could choose the one below controlling a submarine. Yes, similar to On the hunt.

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Logically, in terms of possibilities and phase development, it differs from the classic from 1993 to conforms to Metal Slug modelssuch as the rescue of prisoners of war or a scroll screen that played with the verticality and horizontality of the scene, so that it was not so linear. Moreover, the submarine was only a means: if we were damaged, we would go out shirtless… but logically covering the head with a helmet and oxygen to breathe.

Metal Slug 3

We did not take advantage of the Irem submarine, where it not only fired forward, but also dropped mines to the seabed and with the ability to launch missiles or other types of fire by above to control a total of three directions at once. , but at least In Metal Slug 3, we were offered a control to aim similar to that of other vehicles of the saga.

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This first route was the most surprising of this initial section where we would end up facing a giant crustacean, but SNK would return to the tribute shortly after, on another of the routes in the third phase, with a part where we would descend diagonally. Of course, this “Slug Mariner” wasn’t the only vehicle that would debut in this chapter, having more parts than kill them to offer a very varied and pleasant experience. A brutal classic.