So emphatically I decided to title the post. But beware, much less in a derogatory tone, They are freaks of care, but like most of us who read these pages and of course we boast of it.

Perhaps it is the winds from the bridge, the rain that melancholic Barcelona monopolizes or the desire to, very occasionally, write a post in a more sarcastic and jocular tone, whatever it may be, when I came across such a video I could not resist the temptation to share it with all of you.

The Blizzard guys have always tried to bathe all their works with a certain humor. Sometimes more obvious and other times much less apparent, and to show a button. The characters of the king of MMORPGs, ‘World of Warcraft’ they can dance, we know that, but… have we ever wondered Where the hell do such little dances come from? what are they based on? Is it invented by the typical intern locked in a basement between cold bars, with the vain promise of one day seeing the light? Here the answer in video form.

I am speechless when I see that they were based on people like John Travolta, Mc Hammer, the sexy Alizee (stop repeating that part of the video over and over again damn) or the late Chris Farley…

Although of course, what to expect from the people who promote their star game like this?

Verne Troyer (Mini Me)

Jean Claude Van Damme


William Shatner (Scotty, Carriage for Two)

And the homeland version that did not quite convince me with Willy Toledo.

And it is that thinking about it, the packaging that accompanies any launch, reaches a point where it acquires equal or greater importance than the product.

If we choose Mr.T, Captain Kirk, Jean-Claude Van Damme and Mini Me, to star in a television campaign, It is clear which public we want to address and above all, the tone in which we do it is reflected. ‘World of Warcraft’ is light-hearted, fun, encourages you to play and to lead that double life that the ads show off, and its current advertising is consistent with that idea.

A former professor of design and advertising always said, you have to know how to make our limitations or differential characteristics our forte and from there, play and exploit them.

‘Wow’ does not offer a tremendous visual quality, it does not offer a control system never seen before, nor does it offer an Oscar-worthy depth of plot involving various mafia clans, but what it does offer is loads of fun and the option to Create your own world and be what you always wanted to be.

The traits that have been enhanced in that campaign are clear. And speaking of campaigns, the TV ads for ‘GTA IV’ reflect the opposite, right?

Thanks to Daria and Ray for the video.

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