The dispute over control of Star Control’s intellectual property has been amicably resolved.

Here you can read more about this conflict between Fred Ford and Paul Reiche, creators of Star Control, and the developer Stardock, which acquired the IP from Atari after its bankruptcy. Last January the escalation of tension reached its peak when Ford and Reiche blocked the sale of Star Control: Origins on digital platforms.

Both parties had denounced each other, but they have finally sat down to talk and have managed to resolve the dispute without money involved, at least according to what they have said. Here you can read the Stardock statement and here that of Ford and Reiche.

Under the terms they have established, the classic Star Controls will return to digital stores with a 50/50 split of the royalties between both parties. In addition, they have decided to establish collaborations: Stardock will help Ford and Reiche with the technological aspect of Ghosts of the Precursors, while the two creators of the original will create new alien races that will arrive as downloadable content in Star Control: Origins.

The most curious part of the matter is that the contract refers directly to beekeeping, which apparently was the meeting point that allowed them to establish a more cordial relationship. Brad Wardell of Stardock maintains a bee farm, something Paul Reiche has always wanted, so as part of the contract Brad will send honey and beekeeping advice to Paul and in return he will ship homemade mead, which until now he created at home. with the honey he bought.

Star Control: Origins will receive the Earth Rising expansion in the fall.

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