It is now available World of Warcraft®: Dragonflight, the ninth expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s globally acclaimed massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The heroes of the Horde and the Alliance return to Azeroth to explore the mythological Dragon Isles and their ancient secrets, where the Aspects have returned to reclaim their realm and ancestral home.

“Dragonflight goes back to the roots of what all World of Warcraft players love: exploration, customization, and the sense of wonder that unfolds as you discover the world and its stories,” said Mike Ybarra, president from Blizzard Entertainment. Updates to core systems, like new talent trees, build on the legacy of WoW, allowing new and veteran players alike to enjoy all that Azeroth has to offer for years to come.”

The new continent of the Dragon Islands is made up of five lush zones among the greatest in all of WoW history: the Forgotten Reach, the new starting zone of the drachthyr; the primal Shores of Awakening, an untamed land brimming with elemental energies; the Ohn’ahra Plains, home of the proud clans of centaurs; the extensive Azure Lands, where tuskarr fish among arcane ruins; and the glowing Thaldrazsusthe seat of power of the Aspect dragons and their capital: Valdrakken.

Dragonflight introduces the first race and class combination in World of Warcraft history: the drachthyr evoker. This class has a huge amount of character customization options and starts at level 58. Additionally, it is the first ranged damage class to be added to World of Warcraft since its launch 18 years ago. With it, players can channel the magic of Flight and maneuver across the battlefield while healing allies or damaging enemies using newly empowered spells.

Take flight from the beginning of Dragonflight with dragon rider, an exciting new way to explore the skies that allows you to descend from the heights on the back of a Dragon Isles drake to gain speed before pulling the reins to glide and reach incredible speeds with the momentum gained. In addition to competing in time trials and multiplayer races, players can earn a ton of customization options and upgrades for all four drakes that can be earned throughout their adventures on the Dragon Isles until they reach the final level. new maximum level, 70.

The core game systems have been redesigned for Dragonflight, and will receive new updates throughout the expansion:

The new talent tree system offers unprecedented control over the gameplay experience, with more important options at each level and new combinations of abilities. There are also starting talent builds to help new or recently returning adventurers, and talent builds can be saved, changed, and shared with friends.

The new HUD and user interface design offers a completely new look on modern monitors and displays the most important information with maximum efficiency. Now, the new edit mode allows players to configure the HUD and the interface to their liking and even allows sharing configurations.

With the new and improved Profession system, Professions become a mainstay when it comes to earning new pieces of equipment, allowing you to live out the fantasy of becoming a master crafter or collector and build a clientele through orders, specializations and the new quality system for crafting and gathering.

Dragonflight is available in several digital editions: the Base Edition (€49.99); the Heroic Edition (€69.99), which includes the new Murkastrasza pet, a character boost for Dragonflight (level 60), and the new tangled dreamweaver flying mount; and the Epic Edition (€89.99), which includes all the bonuses from the Heroic Edition, Timewalker’s hearthstone effect, Spellkeeper’s Diadem head slot transmog, Spellkeeper’s head slot transmog the wings of awakening back in five color variants and 30 days of play time.

There is currently a special 12-month subscription offer (for €131.88, or €10.99 per month) that includes the Nether Essence-Drenched Great Wyrm Flying Mount for WoW and the Tabard of Flames for WoW Classic (from the current 6-month subscription offer), plus the Telix the Stormhorn flying mount and the Gigantic Grrloc ground mount for WoW and the Festering Emerald Drake mount for WoW Classic, as well as all items included in the upcoming subscription offer of 6 months, to be revealed in January 2023.

An active subscription is required to play World of Warcraft.