The DualSense pad for PS5 will recognize the user by itself.

They don’t ask for your name, but log you into the game …

  • Sony has patented the concept of a telemetry system that allows you to recognize the user of the PS5 console using the sensors built into the new DualSense pad.
  • The patent is to allow the player to log in as soon as he grasps the controller in his hands.
  • There are doubts as to whether the new technology will not violate the privacy of users, allowing their tracking.

It looks like the DualSense controller for PlayStation 5 will be more advanced than we previously thought. A patent filed by Sony at the beginning of February appeared on the webfrom which it follows that the new pad may be equipped with user recognition technology.

The DualSense pad for PS5 will recognize the user by itself

Hello, Nameless!

The patent documentation itself, as usual, is full of technological intricacies. It all boils down to the fact that The pad is to be equipped with one or more sensors that will transmit to the console information that will not only tell that it has been picked up, but also accurately identify the user holding it.

There is a lot of complexity in it, but the controller is supposed to be part of the user selection system.

The DualSense pad for PS5 will recognize the user by itself

It may sound a bit ironic, but it looks like the idea is the aftermath of steps taken by Sony to improve the security and privacy of users of the new console. This is especially true when someone logs into their account in public places or in the company of other people.

At this point, it is very easy to reveal your password or not log out after the game is over, which may allow third parties to gain access to our account. The technology contained in the patent is to solve this problem. Simply put, after grabbing the controller, the player will be automatically logged into their account, without having to enter a password. However, if later someone else starts using the same console, the previous user will be logged out and the new user will be logged in.

The DualSense pad for PS5 will recognize the user by itself

Only if a patent?

Admittedly, it all sounds very interesting, but it also raises some privacy concerns. Especially in the context of the fact that PlayStation 5 devices, and indirectly also Sony, will be able to track users when they sit down at any console. In addition, it can also be problematic to use a joint account with, for example, a partner or family.

However you look at it, it’s still just a patent. Thousands of them appear however, not all of them go to the final product versions. So there is no guarantee that the described mechanism will be in the final version of the DualSense controller and will be supported by the PlayStation 5. Even if it does, it can be expected that the mechanism will be properly secured and comfortable for players.

The DualSense pad for PS5 will recognize the user by itself
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