The exact date of the end of the season and details of the rewards – find out what you can not get them for.

As you may know, Season 6 is coming to an end. Seasonal rewards are meant to reward us for all the hard work we put into achieving our goals last season. However, in order to unlock them, we must meet several requirements.

Ranked Season

  • Season 6 will end on November 8 at 00:01 in each region. (The countdown to the end of the season by region can be found here
    • You must be in the loading screen (Champion Select completed) before 23:59:59 on November 7 for your last game to count
    • The Challenger/Master Tier roster will be updated for the last time at 23:45 on November 7
  • If you complete placements at exactly 00:00 on November 8th, you will receive rewards based on the division you are assigned to after the placements
  • You can find a list of rewards for each division here
  • Frames during the loading screen are suitable for any type of queue. Given the different types of queues in the 2017 season, we don’t yet know exactly where they will be. We’ll let you know as soon as we get that information.

Ranked Dynamic Queue

  • You must play all 10 placement games to earn rewards
  • Rewards are based on the division you are in before the end of the season, not the highest you were in
  • You must be at least in the Silver division to get a frame during the Loading Screen
  • To get the Victorious Maokai skin (along with the character if you don’t have one) you must be at least Gold Division
    • If you purchased Maokai just before the prize giving, the IP spent on it will not be refunded

Ranked Teams

  • To receive rewards on a ranked team, you must win at least 10 games on that ranked team
    • Games must be played with the same team
    • If you are kicked from the team after winning 10 games, you will not receive any rewards
      • To receive rewards, you must be in this team on November 8, 00:01
    • If you rejoin a team after leaving 10 games, you won’t have to play 10 games again. Prizes will be awarded.
      • For example: If you won 8 games and then left the team, you only need to win 2 more games when you rejoin.
      • If you join another team, you will have to win 10 games again.
  • The winning ward is distributed to each individual based on the number of points they have accumulated over the season
    • You must win the game to get points
      • 3v3 win – 1 point
      • Win on 5v5 – 3 points
      • Points are added up from all the teams you are on. If you leave the team before the end of the season, your points will be kept.
    • Individual wards unlock at 15, 30 and 45 points
      • You need to get 15 points to get the basic skin

What won’t you get rewards for

  • If on November 8 at 00:01 you have an active chat restriction, an extended match waiting time or your account is blocked
  • If from August 7, 00:01 your account was blocked for 7 days or more
  • If your account has been boosted, or you have provided such a favor yourself
  • Players who are banned by mistake will receive rewards
  • Players who owned LeaveBuster will receive rewards
  • Players who do not receive rewards this season are not excluded from receiving rewards in the 2017 season

Prize giving

  • All prizes will be awarded within a few weeks after the end of the season
    • Prizes are awarded in series. If your friends have received their rewards and you haven’t yet – don’t panic. You will get them in the next series
  • If you want a frame to be removed for any reason, please contact Support.