He first iMac with Apple Silicon processor is scheduled for the first half of 2021, it will have an A14T chip as a CPU and also its own GPU, according to a report in The China Times newspaper (via MacRumors). The report also talks about a MacBook that will see the light before the end of 2020, which will have an A14X processor. Both computers use a variant of the A14 Bionic processor, found in the iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4.

An iMac with A14T processor and its own GPU by 2021

According to news from Apple’s supply chain, Apple is launching the first GPU of its own and codenamed Lifuka next year, as well as the first A14T desktop processor codenamed Monte Jade. Both chips will be produced using TSMC’s 5nm process in the first half of next year.

This information talks about an iMac with A14T Bionic processor, a variant that we understand will be more powerful than the one currently found in the iPhone 12 and iPad 4. Or, at least, with a specific adaptation for the platform. This chip is called Mount Jade.

On the GPU side, we would be facing a unit developed internally by Apple and with the code name already mentioned by the source. It would be the first time we see a developed GPU en casa on a Mac, since until now it has used the integrated ones from Intel or AMD, as in the last iMac 2020. Apple has been using its own GPUs in the iPhone and iPad since at least 2017.

Apparently, this report comes from the same source that reported similar information in August. Although the iMac is the star of this report, not the only Mac of which is spoken in it.

MacBook with A14X processor and second generation already launched with the A15

The first iMac with Apple Silicon will arrive in the first half of 2021, will have A14T chip for desktop and Apple GPU

This table shows the company’s immediate plans with Apple Silicon processors. In it we can see the following:

  • A14 Bionic processor codenamed “Sicilian” 5nm, present in the iPhone 12 and iPad Air 4.
  • A14X Bionic processor codenamed “Tonga” 5nm and intended for MacBook and iPad Pro.
  • A14T Bionic processor codenamed “Mt. Jade” 5nm and planned for the iMac 2021. This model is accompanied by an Apple GPU codenamed “Lifuka”.

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