The first statements about Spider-Man’s MCU return have arrived.

To the great delight of Spider-Man fans, the announcement came yesterday that Sony and Disney have buried the hatchet, leading the studios ’leading producers are now saying.

The fuss around Spider-Man was one of the most resonant topics at the end of the summer. By the time it was very difficult for most fans to process that Poki would leave the MCU for good, the news came that the heads of Marvel and Sony had vomited things out, worked out a new deal, and could go on with everything, at least what as for the movies.

The “a lot of fuss for nothing” action, of course, has to be wrapped in color, the heads of the studios have started to speak out to get us a little bit into the background of things. There has been so much change from the previous deal that Disney has pocketed 25% of cinema revenue instead of the previous 5%, with Mickey Mice accounting for roughly a quarter of the cost of production and Kevin Feige being back at the forefront of the projects. He commented on the events as follows:

The first statements about Spider-Man’s MCU return have arrived

“I’m very excited that Poki’s journey continues within the MCU, and we’re all very excited here at Marvel Studios to continue working on his films. Spiderman is a very powerful icon whose story spans eras and generations around the world. It looks like who he is the only superhero with the super ability to be in two film universes at once, so as Sony continues its own universe, you can never know what surprises the future holds. “

This brings us to another important detail of the agreement that Spider-Man will continue to be part of the MCU and Sony Spider-Man universes. If we remembered our video of the scandal, we mentioned that an advantage could come from the fact that the world built by Sony, which had been forced to do without its own protagonist, could become more colorful.

The first statements about Spider-Man’s MCU return have arrived

Producer Amy Pascal, who is leveling the fate of the character under the auspices of both studios, also said it couldn’t be happier for the collaboration between the studios to continue, and even the character could be a central figure in the two universes. According to him, it is very important that every Spider-Man cinema is an enjoyable film in its own right, this should be achieved first in each film, then we can talk about building the universe.

Disney head Bob Iger inspired a line on Twitter to rejoice that the smile break between Sony and Disney was over and that Kevin Feige could be at the forefront of the projects, and finally thanked Sony:

The first statements about Spider-Man’s MCU return have arrived

Disney-Sony @SpiderMan feud ends. Kevin Feige to produce sequel !!!
This certainly warms my heart! Thank you @Sony!

– Robert Iger (@RobertIger) September 27, 2019

The first statements about Spider-Man’s MCU return have arrived

If all goes well, we’ll get another stand-alone Spider-Man adventure within the MCU, and the character will appear in at least one other Marvel cinema, but you can’t know more about that yet. What do you think is a good solution?