If right now we look at the highest ranges of the main mobile manufacturers, all brands except Apple have dared to some kind of folding mobile. Only in Cupertino they have not wanted to enter that trend, although sooner or later it could do so if we pay attention to the latest published by the Asian media.

The Economic Daily news has revealed that Apple would be testing foldable terminals with OLED or MicroLED screens, and that he would have been sending them under the most absolute secrecy to the provider Foxconn so that they too can do their own tests. According to the source, the plan would be a launch of these foldable iPhones in September 2022.

Stress tests to ensure a folding terminal that does not deteriorate too quickly

Several Anglo-Saxon media such as MacRumors reflect the news and detail that the evidence would include repetitions of open and close the terminal a hundred thousand times, when similar tests for laptop mechanisms are usually twenty or thirty thousand repetitions. It would mean, therefore, that Apple wants to ensure a screen resistant to the most intense use.

Apparently apple would have ordered folding screen samples from Samsung (We already saw it in other past rumors), a company that already has a certain history learning to manufacture this type of panel. To our knowledge there have been more prototypes in the past, with Jon Prosser stating that he has seen one of them in June, but that it is made up of two screens very precisely joined together. Perhaps it was one of the first prototypes that Apple as a preliminary step to testing a real folding screen, something that we have seen in patents.

Even with everything, seeing that the dates being shuffled speak of autumn 2022, it is clear to us that Apple is in no hurry to get into this new terminal concept. And remember that all this is prototype testing, something that does not confirm at all that it is going to do it. We will stay tuned for more clues.