It looks like a bike from the future because it is. The so-called eBike Design Vision This is in fact the conceptual vision – and not a real product – that Bosch has of a new generation electric bicycle, and here the manufacturer wanted to bring together all his ideas for the development of this type of vehicle.

Bosch designs this bike as an “Urban Sports Cruiser”, an urban yet sporty bike that will have a fully integrated suspension at the back and front. It’s not the only remarkable element of a design that catches the eye as soon as you see it, of course.

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An electric bike armed to the teeth

Bosch is not a newcomer to the world of electric bikes. He has been developing solutions and components for these vehicles for 10 years, and he specifically wanted to celebrate this particular anniversary. develop a conceptual design with this futuristic electric bike.

The eBike Design Vision not only has this full suspension, but also the Motor integration of the Performance Line CX range and that it not only provides this pedaling assistance when we need it, but it can be software upgraded.

This ability has been recently demonstrated: the latest patch available added an additional 10Nm of torque, a great help to achieve acceleration and climb performance. make the effort even less by the cyclist.

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This otor also has side cooling channels in the frame of the bike that allow avoid overheating using the bike and the power of this electric motor.

The PowerTube 625 battery is integrated into the down tube of the bike frame and can be removed for recharging. To this option is added in this design an on-board computer called Nyon with all the information on the condition of the bike or its options. This computer is located on the handlebar, made of carbon fiber, and which hides the cables and hydraulic components of the braking system.


Precisely, another of the highlighted sections of the electric bicycle design is the Bosch eBike ABS brake system They are hidden behind the front bracket to carry extra loads if we need them, and it is also in this luggage rack that the LED headlight is located, while the rear lights are located next to the sides of the rear wheel. , next to the disks.

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The resulting set is certainly eye-catching and can be a good hint of what we can expect from e-bikes in the future. What we don’t know is the estimated price an electric bike like this, although predictably the market wouldn’t be cheap.

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Source : Engadget