The Game Awards 2017 – all announcements and news in one place.

In addition to the awards ceremony, the creators of the upcoming games also unveiled a number of novelties at the 2017 The Game Awards, which we have collected for you.

Last year’s pre-this year’s big international gamer event, The Game Awards, took place, but this time in Los Angeles, this year’s game wasn’t just celebrated by the game’s giants. The cannons of 2018 and perhaps even later were also discussed at shorter or longer demonstrations. If you don’t want to watch the full stream, you can find these segments of the show below.

The Game Awards 2017 – all announcements and news in one place

World War Z

The first world premiere was World War Z, which is clearly drawn from the 2013 film, so it’s no surprise that instead of dodging an undead, monsters swarming in hordes will seem to be the real danger.

Vacation Simulator

We could expect that not all of the revelations would be of this caliber, and accordingly, with the introduction of Alchemy Labs ’new VR game, the pace has slowed down, but we can’t help but continue the sequel to Job Simulator.

The Game Awards 2017 – all announcements and news in one place

Shadows Die Twice

This was followed by the teaser of From Software’s new game, which our colleague Gócza had not seen before, but he thinks that the team will definitely lead the unveiling of Bloodborne 2.

In the Valley of the Gods

In addition to the large studios supported by Sony, however, smaller teams also had a say. The creators of the excellent Firewatch, Campo Santo, are made with a spectacle-like, but quite different adventure in Egypt, we were able to get into that.

The Game Awards 2017 – all announcements and news in one place

Smith & Smitherson Accounting +

One of Rick and Morty’s thinkers, Justin Roiland, provided an excellent counterpoint to the many, quite serious games. He and his team announced a turbocharged version of their VR game, Accounting, for PlayStation VR, amid swearing and surprising moments.

Soulcalibur IV

For example, the producer of the Tekken series, Harada Katsuhiro, who brought the Soulcalibur IV as a gift, arrived on the stage much more seriously.

The Game Awards 2017 – all announcements and news in one place

Fade to Silence

A survival game was also unveiled at the Game Awards, a joint work of Black Forest and THQ Nordic called Fade to Silence. Based on this preview, we’re trying to survive under primitive conditions after the fall of the civilization we know today, but fantastic elements have also been mixed into the game, so anyone who gets it should pay attention to the early access version starting next week.

Bayonetta on the Nintendo Switch

At the time, the announcement was far from over, with Nintendo sweeping several important awards trying to reassure everyone that it would be playing on the hybrid console next year, for example, with the Switch port in the first and second parts of Bayonetta and unveiling the third part.

Death Stranding

As last year, this year we got a taste of Death Stranding, which is slowly preparing in Hideo Kojima’s workshop, but as on recent occasions, we haven’t gotten much closer to what the game is going to be about. Even though we could see about eight minutes of it.

The Game Awards 2017 – all announcements and news in one place


The Astronauts team, which recorded Vanishing of Ethan Carter, also arrived during The Game Awards, bringing them a new monster-hunting game called Witchfire.


Significantly less brutal than this seems to be the new game from Media Molecule, known as LittleBigPlanet, Dreams, in which we can be at least as much game makers as the original team.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

It was no surprise that PUBG was also featured, but this time instead of Brendan Greene, his Korean colleagues talked to Geoff Keighley about the new track, which also appeared in their new trailer.

The Game Awards 2017 – all announcements and news in one place


The creators of Payday, who formed their own studio, had previously briefly told us that they were making a new cooperative game, but at the Game Awards it was also revealed how they wanted to smuggle horror elements into it.

Metro Exodus

The last world premiere was the presentation of a new preview of Metro Exodus, which this time focused primarily on mood rather than an accurate presentation of the gameplay.

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