Not long ago an Italian independent studio 3DCloudsknown by Xenon Racer and All-Star Fruit Racing, announced a role-playing thriller King of Seas… And now I have presented fragments of his gameplay in a new trailer.

King of Seas is set in a procedurally generated world that responds to every player’s action. We are promised an epic journey in search of the stolen, in the end of which we can become the king of dangerous pirates.

Since pirates are unthinkable without ships, we have five types of ships at our disposal. In addition, we can make them unique using upgrades, equipment and even a skill system. And their management will depend on atmospheric and weather conditions.

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The creators of King of Seas promise an advanced combat system, in which there will be three branches of talents, each of which – two dozen combat skills for any preferred style of play. The game comes out at the end of the year on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

Source : Game Informer