We have a very complicated 2020 that we will all remember for years, probably a lifetime, and because of the global pandemic Apple was forced to close all of its Apple stores in the world. The first to reopen were those of China, a few days ago those of Australia and those of the first European country, Austria, began to open, and soon other countries will follow these steps.

Apple stores in Germany are set to reopen after extended closures due to the coronavirus pandemic, On May 11, next Monday, the 15th German Apple Store will open its doors. Germany is one of the largest least affected European countries and one of the first to reopen its economy. However, that does not mean that the Apple Store will open in the country without precautions.

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The Apple Store will be primarily geared towards receiving support by appointment, the the number of customers in the store will be reducedMasks must be worn and there will be temperature checks upon entry, as well as many other necessary precautions. Most of these precautions will also be taken in Spain when they can be reopened, but when will they be?

When will the Apple Store reopen in Spain?

In Spain, we have suffered one of the biggest impacts in the world due to the coronavirus and the actions taken for the de-escalation call are delayed by several weeks compared to countries like Germany. In principle, everything seems to indicate that stores like the Apple Store cannot be reopened until phase 2, a phase which May 25 is coming soon.

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And we say as soon as possible because all the Autonomous Communities will not reach this phase at the same time, next Monday some could enter phase 1, and we will have to wait at least two weeks for the arrival of phase 2. However, it is possible that large cities, such as Madrid or Barcelona, ​​where we have several Apple Stores, will reach this phase later.

In short, as soon as possible, The Apple Store will reopen on May 25, but can only reopen in certain cities like Murcia or Marbella, which will likely reach phase 2 sooner than Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Zaragoza. For more information, you can go to the Apple Store website where you can check the opening hours of stores in our country. At the moment the hours of the next days appear and they are all closed, but when they can reopen this official time, that will change, in addition It is likely that Apple Spain will issue a statement with the new hours and with the precautions that we will have to take.

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I hope for everything this situation is soon resolved and we can return to our lives with sufficient normality. Surely there are many users who want to fix their devices or get help from an Apple Store, hopefully soon.

Source: Techradar