The great trial of the season kicks off with a protagonist who already works as a defense lawyer

It has cost but it is already here the lawyer that many fans of the classic character were waiting for. Perry Mason no longer has time to investigate and focuses on defending his client, closer to the gallows than the protagonist would like.

The voiceless lawyer

The fantastic creation of Ron Fitzgerald and Rolin Jones has been advancing through thick and thin throughout the five episodes that precede this new installment. Mason has not had it easy, he has lost much more along the way than he has gained and, even so, does not cease in its efforts to show the truth and fight for justice in the world. An idealist who needs his universe to be fair despite a full private world where chaos reigns.

The scriptwriters have never stopped putting stones in the path of the (already) lawyer, and the faithful followers of his weekly adventures can only be saddened by his first intervention in the media trial for kidnapping and murder of little Charlie Dodson. The first minutes of the episode cut to the chase from the credits (as beautiful as ever) to presenting the first of the lawyer’s last bumps: his voice.

There’s nothing free for Mason in his new life on HBO, and that’s something really to be applauded. Making things easy for the character or magically turning him into an infallible lawyer from week to week was something the season could not afford. The trial, the true protagonist From what promises to be a dizzying final stretch of the season, it manages to outshine everything else. And that everything else is a lot. Very much.

The great trial of the season kicks off with a protagonist who already works as a defense lawyer

Even if the weight of the truth begins to suffocate good and bad, we know that Emily, despite the efforts before the judge and jury of a Mason who has only been a lawyer for a few hours, has everything to lose to be acquitted of the charges against her.

Director Deniz Gamze Ergüven, who took over from Van Patten from the fourth episode, has proven to be as solvent as the occasion required, managing to make us forget his tremendous stumble from a couple of seasons ago with ‘Kings’. And if ‘Perry Mason’ makes no one remember such an insult to the viewer, it is because the material is good. It is very good.