The heroes and enemies of Resident Evil face each other in these 90 minutes of Resident Evil Re: Verse gameplay

The presentation of Resident Evil Re: Verse, the free multiplayer mode that will accompany Resident Evil Village at its launch, generated mixed feelings with its first official trailer. The good news is that we can now see this proposal in greater depth thanks to an extensive gameplay that you have accompanying these lines.

Along the more than 90 minutess we can see how the beta will look in this way focused completely on the online multiplayer and in which six players They will face each other in order to get the most points before time runs out.

The peculiarity of Resident Evil Re: Verse is the fact that all characters will be the protagonists of the saga. So we will see Leon, Claire or Ada, among others, shooting and stabbing each other. However, being eliminated will cause players reborn into one of the creatures or villains best known of the series, among which is Nemesis, Tyrant or Jack Baker, for example.

In addition, we can see in the gameplay that the cel-shading graphics that appeared in its first preview can be removed in case anyone prefers opt for the most realistic graphics from the latest installments. Over time it will be necessary to check if it is entertaining enough to play more than two games, but for this it will be necessary to wait until the May 7th, the day that Resident Evil Village will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and PC.

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