The first signals are for Apple to celebrate the weekend in style. Hours after your reservations have been opened, the HomePod mini has been sold to such an extent that in some countries shipments have already had to be delayed two months. What was not achieved with the original HomePod model has been achieved with its little brother.

As reported by AppleInsider, the most successful model is the black one. On the American website there are delays of two to three weeks for that color, while the white color ships in a week. In Spain, shipments of both models arrive on November 23 as late as I write these lines.

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One more step to continue growing in accessories

Homepod Mini 2

The HomePod mini represents Apple’s attempt to pick up bellows in the smart speaker market, which has ended up being dominated by Amazon’s Echos. At the moment the price of 99 euros seems to be convincing, and perhaps the new functions that also bounce back to the original HomePod encourage its sales a little more.

More details of the HomePod mini: non-interchangeable USB-C cable and 20W charger included

Apple will never say how many HomePod mini units it has sold, but this should happen to increase the income of the accessories division at the next financial results press conference in January. Meanwhile, it seems that the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max are also selling at a good rate. Without being a record, but not bad at all.

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