The Hot Deal: Fortnite makes us aware of cross-play and that’s a good thing.

In The Hot Hangijzer, SamaGame editor Michel takes you through a monthly discussion point that occupies gamers at that time. This time: the controversy surrounding the lack of cross-play on PlayStation 4.

It was the talk of the internet during and after E3: the fact that Sony refuses to add cross-play to Fortnite: Battle Royale. Cross-play gives you the opportunity to play against players on other systems. While players of the Switch version of Fortnite released during E3 can play against Xbox One, PC and mobile gamers, Sony does not participate in this with the PlayStation 4. With the PS4 version you can play against PC and mobile gamers, but not against gamers on other consoles.

The Hot Deal: Fortnite makes us aware of cross-play and that’s a good thing

Account hijacking

However, the controversy arose not so much from this fact. After all, Sony has been sticking to this for the entire generation and the same applies just as much to other multiplayer games that are available on different systems. No, the problem lies in the fact that people who have used their Epic account to play Fortnite on PlayStation 4 can no longer use this account on other consoles.

That is a very bad thing. In fact, Sony is holding your Epic account hostage this way. This is especially painful because it is possible to spend real money on Fortnite. You will receive V-Bucks and all kinds of cosmetic items in return, which are then linked to your Epic account. If you have ever logged in with your Epic account on PlayStation 4 to play Fortnite, you can no longer use this account, including all your purchases, on another console.

The Hot Deal: Fortnite makes us aware of cross-play and that’s a good thing

So the problem is twofold, which has caused some confusion among media reporting on this. Logically, the situation described above is the main problem. Hopefully Sony and / or Epic can make an arrangement that will separate the Epic account and all associated purchases from the PlayStation 4. It would be no less than justified.

Meaningless statement

Once that has been resolved, the problem that Sony refuses cross-play with other consoles still remains. In fact, that is their right. Each company can decide for itself whether it wants to apply this kind of openness. Sony itself indicated last year that it was a matter of curating content – among other things, to protect PlayStation players and in particular children from outside content, over which Sony itself has no influence. However, it was about Minecraft. Fortnite is a lot more violent and the above reason is therefore a lot less convincing.

The Hot Deal: Fortnite makes us aware of cross-play and that’s a good thing

Sony tried to appease the community last week with a meaningless statement, which only stirred up tempers. Since then the company has been silent. This could be for two reasons: it hopes that the whole controversy will blow over and that gamers will forget about it in a few weeks, or because it is working behind the scenes to fix this situation and give gamers what they want.

This is for (tnite) the players

It is impossible to predict what Sony will do with this situation. The company is without a doubt the market leader this generation, so it has more room than Microsoft and Nintendo to be a bit more arrogant – and more closed-off. But that’s a shame, because the company has been working so hard to improve its image since the launch of the PlayStation 4. Their motto ‘This is for the players’ is inconsistent with their refusal to make cross-play the new norm.

The Hot Deal: Fortnite makes us aware of cross-play and that’s a good thing

That’s why it’s so good that Fortnite has blown this issue up to the general public. All those multiplayer games on PlayStation 4 that do not have cross-play, you hardly heard a rooster crow about that. But Fortnite is one of the biggest games of the moment with its 125 million players, and you can bet that enough people keep opening their mouths about it.

It makes cross-play the talk of the town, the topic of choice in the gaming industry right now. You hear developers about it almost daily in interviews, such as Naoki Yoshida recently, who likes cross-play in Final Fantasy 14. Cross-play is hip right now, it’s what gamers want, and Sony can only ignore it up to a point until it really can’t get around it. And all thanks to Fortnite.

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The Hot Deal: Fortnite makes us aware of cross-play and that’s a good thing